SSGN’s Make It Sacred Podcast Episode on Peace, The Earth Charter, & Growing up Between Two Cultures

We invite you to listen to the Spirituality & Sustainability Global Network’s Podcast: Make It Sacred. The latest episode features a conversation between Maddie Long, host, and Amanda Bennett, Earth Charter International’s Youth Coordinator and Project Officer. This episode is titled: Peace, The Earth Charter, & Growing up Between Two Cultures.

In the episode, Amanda shares about her personal experiences growing up in South Carolina, USA and Costa Rica, her work with the Earth Charter Youth Programme and the EC Education Center, and her studies at the University for Peace.

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About the Make it Sacred Podcast:

The root of the problem in the sustainability crisis is a loss of the sacred. Through conversations with scientists, theologians, scholars, and thought-leaders, Make It Sacred explores the intersectionality of spirituality and sustainability and why this intersection is critical at our existential societal tipping point.

Without spiritual grounding, we won’t have a commitment or political will to create hope for sustainability.

Co-creation always starts with a conversation. And what are we co-creating? A spirituality-grounded passion that comes from a sacred understanding of the earth.

About the Spirituality and Sustainability Global Network:

SSGN was established by a group of leaders who participated in a series of Spirituality and Sustainability interfaith conferences in Assisi, Italy over the last two decades.

Their mission is to inspire, educate, and network leaders, especially young leaders, from ethical and spiritual traditions across our human family, for the purpose of personal, local, and global transformation in service of ecological sustainability.

About Amanda Bennett:

Amanda Bennett is the Youth Programme Coordinator and Project Officer at the Earth Charter Secretariat and the Center for Education for Sustainable Development at UPEACE. She was born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and grew up in South Carolina, United States. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Experimental Psychology at the University of South Carolina, and a Master’s in Public Policy at the University of Maryland. After graduating, she moved back to Costa Rica and taught English in San José and briefly in Cusco, Peru. Amanda is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Environment, Development, and Peace at the University for Peace. Learn more about our youth programme.