Dominic Stucker’s Earth Charter Youth Story

Dominic Stucker, born in Germany and raised in the USA, was the Earth Charter Youth Coordinator from 2006-2009. He helped empower, engage, and expand the Earth Charter Youth Network through the support of youth groups, online learning, youth in global governance, and intergenerational partnership for sustainability.

Dominic supported the expansion of EC Youth Groups to 70 countries, engaging youth from universities, schools, and social enterprises working in human rights and environmental topics. e-GLO, a semester-long, online course, linked young sustainability change agents around the world who were leading projects that integrated Earth Charter principles. Conducted three times with groups of about 20 people each, it empowered participants to share their stories of success broadly through digital media.

Dominic also sought out and created opportunities for youth participation in global governance processes, such as through the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, IUCN, and CIVICUS. He built an EC Youth Leadership Team through a democratic process of campaigning and voting, which identified a young woman and young man from 6 different regions around the world. He convened this team at the Center for Environment Education (CEE) in India to focus on how youth can bring a sustainability ethic into local projects, as well as global forums and processes.

During his time with Earth Charter and beyond, Dominic co-launched and developed the Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability (IPS) in close collaboration with the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). IPS developed youth networks across all 6 IUCN Commissions, including getting young people onto many of their Steering Committees and Working Groups, as well as onto the IUCN Council. IPS took a leading role in promoting youth engagement and intergenerational partnership at the IUCN World Conservation Congresses in Barcelona in 2008 and in Jeju in 2012.

The Earth Charter continues to provide Dominic with an inspiring sustainability vision, both at the personal and systems levels. As Managing Partner with the Collective Leadership Institute, he now helps to build collaboration capacity for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Dominic facilitates high quality, multi-sector dialogue and collaboration trainings for stakeholder systems around the world. He coaches diverse, multi-actor teams in designing and leading complex change processes for sustainability transformations. The need for collective leadership across sectors and generations for the Earth Charter vision of sustainability has never been greater!

For more information about his time at the Earth Charter watch his video below: