La’eeqa Martin: The Activist


“I love engaging with people from across the world”

La’eeqa took the LSE course while studying Applied Biology in Cape Town, South Africa. Already prior to the LSE course she engaged herself in many youth groups and volunteer organisations. Yet, she was looking for another way to engage with other young people globally.

“I wanted to really be in a space that allowed me to grow my knowledge and grow my connections with other people post course.”

Even though she knew a lot about sustainability, the course was able to deepen her knowledge about the topic, and to direct her towards a more holistic understanding of sustainability and sustainable development.

“I think one thing that really stayed with me is delving into the topic of systems thinking because it made me think broadly about a lot of the things I find myself in, a lot of the topics that I engage with, from climate change to youth development.”

What La’eeqa especially liked about the LSE course was the forum discussions. They helped her to understand topics from different perspectives and she was able to learn from other participants from around the world in the course.

“That co-learning process was something that truly exceeded my expectations with regards to the course.”

After the course, she realised how easily applicable and relatable the Earth Charter principles are to other contexts. She uses the principles in her daily life and in her activism for climate justice and in her youth development and empowerment work.

“I found that it’s so easy for me to kind of see the benefits and the application of the Earth Charter, in my everyday work and everything that I do.”

Already before taking the course, she knew that she wanted to become part of the Earth Charter Young Leaders network. Being able to join the network after successfully completing the LSE course was one of her motivations to take the course. Through joining the course and the Young Leaders network she has been able to meet many other young activists from around the world.

“The open nature of the Earth Charter network and the Earth Charter Young Leader network, I think it made it really easy for us to just engage in it.”

Through many reflective activities that are incorporated into the LSE course, La’eeqa reassessed which activities she wanted to support and what volunteer causes she wanted to put her time and energy in. In the Earth Charter Young Leaders Network, La’eeqa is not only joining the bi-monthly meetings, but she is also very engaged in the regional African Earth Charter Youth network.

“The course did change the way in which I think about the things that I do, I’m a bit more conscious about almost all of the things that I take part in, I feel that the things that I need to take part in need to find a way to make a difference in other people’s lives, but also in the natural order of life.”

For her, the Earth Charter holds great value. She is recommending the LSE course to many young people in her network to empower them to learn about the principles, and to join the Young Leaders network afterwards. She became a multiplier of the Earth Charter and its values and principles.

“I think what cannot be underestimated; is the true value of the Earth Charter. I know that it has provided immense value for me personally, and I think that that is something I would definitely want highlighted in every space that I go into.”