Nicole Jirón Beirute’s Earth Charter Youth Story

Nicole Jirón Beirute became involved with the Earth Charter Initiative at age 17 when she promoted a consultation process in the university student movement in the University of Costa Rica (UCR).  Since then she has participated in promoting the Earth Charter in Costa Rica. In 2001 she worked as the International Youth Coordinator for the Earth Charter International. In the 90s, she also participated in initial activities for the organization of the Earth Charter Initiative, when she met Felícita Echeverria.

She is currently a professor at the UCR in the Faculty of General Studies, and is also a mediator certified by the Ministry of Justice of Costa Rica. Nicole has extensive experience in training processes in youth political participation after having coordinated for three years Agents of Change, a program of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for the development of youth democratic participation in Costa Rica. She is part of the Executive Management Team of the Foundation for Peace and Democracy, one of the most recognized and oriented non-governmental organizations in Latin America, which works with programs financed by international cooperation related to social conflicts, democracy, environment and migration processes.

In the following videos, Nicole explains how she came to know the Earth Charter, how it has influenced her, and how she still uses the Earth Charter today.