Silvia Arrieta and Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN): A Story of Higher Education and the Earth Charter

Silvia Arrieta is what one could call an “Earth Charter Champion.” She learned about the Earth Charter in the early 2000s and she has shared it with her family, her work and especially, her students.

Silvia was also very active in achieving the organizational commitment of the Universidad Técnica Nacional – UTN to the Earth Charter back in 2016. UTN is the biggest public technical university in Costa Rica and its mission is “to provide comprehensive education within the framework of the modern knowledge society, focusing its academic activities in the scientific, technical and technological areas, in high-quality research and in innovation as a fundamental element for responsible human development environmental, in coordination with the productive sectors of society.”

The now-former Rector of the University, Mr. Marcelo Prieto, signed the endorsement document, which mentions the commitment of the University to use the Earth Charter “as a guide and ethical framework for decision-making, in the development plans and policies, and as an educational tool for sustainable development.”

In the last 4 years, UTN has adopted the Earth Charter and infused it throughout the whole Humanistic Formation Curriculum.

Learn more in the following video: