Abigya Endale

Abigya Endale, a law and sociology student residing in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 a passionate, enthusiastic youth and women, chairperson of Shine Abyssinia, Earth Charter youth leader, Environmental Activist, Human Right Activist, CEIN Member working on education reform, Best Orator for the African round Stetson moot court competition. I got to know the Earth Charter 2020, the first time reading the booklet felt like reading what’s in my heart. I wondered how much it has given me confidence, knowledge, and experience and I wished for many youth generations to be part of this and experience a radical change in the mentality, enlightening them that it is possible  

And everyone is a leader and especially now the Earth Charter can bring people together to build a sustainable, just, and peaceful world. Moreover, a better place to live in for the next generation. I dream to be the first women prime minister in Ethiopia and I found the Earth Charter the best environment to grow into being a good leader.