Costa Rica

Alina Aguilar

Alina holds a degree in Environmental Management. In 2011 due to her concern for the welfare of others and care for the environment, she received the distinction “Earth Charter Student”, an initiative given to students by the Vice Presidency of Academics, Directorate of Extension and the UNA Program – Sustainable Campus of the National University. In this same year she started her volunteer work with communities on socio-environmental issues. Since 2012, she has worked as a researcher and extension worker on issues of climate governance and public policy in the framework of the project “Participatory strategies of climate change at the local level” of the National University of Costa Rica. She has worked as a volunteer, teacher, consultant and adviser on issues of climate change, environmental education, waste management, on the Earth Charter, among others. Through her work, she seeks empowerment, education and participation of the communities she works in related to the themes of sustainable development. She also forms part of organizations such as the NGO “LaRutadelClima,” in which she participates in communication and dissemination issues about climate action and the collective “Grupo Hamelia” developing socio-environmental projects.