Ana Karen Proa Rebolledo

Ana Karen, 24, is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. She has a degree in International Relations from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and a Masters in Conflict Resolution, Peace and Development from the University for Peace in Costa Rica. After her masters programme, she completed an internship at the Earth Charter International Secretariat . She currently works as an environmental and sustainable development educator working for the Ecology Project International Costa Rica, promoting the conservation of biodiversity and specifically the leatherback turtle. Additionally, she is project coordinator for the Youth and Climate Change Network of Costa Rica.

Since she was little she has belonged to the World Scout Organization, in which she currently collaborates as leader of the minor section of a Scout group in Costa Rica. In it, she has also organized and participated in projects that promote sustainable development in different communities.

Karen also teaches various face-to-face and online workshops in collaboration with other Earth Charter Young Leaders to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals using the Earth Charter as a tool.