Laura Restrepo Alameda

Laura, an environmental engineer, is currently an intern in strategic engagement and operations at Itaca Solutions. Additionally, she co-founded and serves as the national co-facilitator of the Colombian Platform for Children and Youth, facilitating and coordinating strategic projects. Currently, she leads the fundraising and communications team for the Local Youth Conference on Climate Change in Colombia, which the platform co-organizes. Laura is a communications liaison for the Earth Charter International Young Leaders Network and an ambassador for En-ROADS (MIT + Climate Interactive). She is also part of the Earth Charter Educators as she holds the ECI Certificate in Education for Sustainable Development, Laura sits on the board of directors for the Green Chamber of Commerce Colombia, supporting ventures and companies on their path to sustainability. Furthermore, she is involved in Citizens’ Climate Lobby Colombia, advocating for environmental policies with a focus on climate change. As the vice president of strategic development for SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development), Laura also contributes to peace engineering initiatives. Additionally, she participates in the Colombian Network of Social Engineering and the global network of Engineering, Social Justice and Peace.

A sought-after national and international speaker, Laura has represented Colombia at significant events like COP27 and COP28 on Climate Change in Egypt, Stockholm+50, the Regional Youth Meeting for Climate Justice in Costa Rica, the WEEF (World Engineering Education Forum) and others. Notably, she has served as project manager, consultant and mentor for some institutions and NGOs.