Lebanon, Líbano

Bashar Raydan

I am Bashar Raydan. I live in Lebanon. I am a young change maker, combating climate change advocate, and global activist. You can describe me as a true leader, and a hardworking, talented, sociable, loving, kind, caring, warm-hearted, persevering, determined and strong-minded person. The things that I like to do the most are writing poetry, sharing my leadership knowledge with other friends family or community members. Moreover, I am passionate about reading books, and helping people discover their great passion in life. Many of the things that I stand for are the direct result of some important parts of my identity. I stand for doing good for goodness’ sake, not because I believe that I will be judged later for what I do, but because I always stand for what’s right, in alignment with my ethics, morals, and values! I stand for helping others, caring about them, and supporting them through thick and thin. I always feel that I’m responsible for what they feel because of me. I have a deep sense of empathy. And,  I think that I am responsible for becoming more ethical than the society I grew up in! Finally, to sum up, I am a humble leader, powerful change-maker, confident global citizen, and hardworking social activist!