George C. NEBA

George is a courageous, conscientious, industrious, and illustrious Pan-African from Cameroon by birth; accountant and senior agribusiness technician by training; micro-finance expert by experience; and civil society activist by passion –– with special focus on gender equality, youth empowerment, grassroots-community mobilization, and sustainable development. He has special knack for peace advocacy, freelance journalism, blogging, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, agribusiness, and, motivational/inspirational writing and speaking. Volunteering is his Modus Vivendi.

He’s been an Editor of LUKMEF Cameroon’s bi-annual Newsletter, ‘Zero Tolerance’ –– on ‘ending violence against women/girls’; and is freelance correspondent for Advocate Newspaper (a local journal); the cradle of the motivational/inspirational series, ‘Light Refreshment’; and, researcher at National Laboratory in charge of Regulation and Quality Control of Agricultural Inputs and Products (in Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development).

He is Founding Futurologist and SEO of Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN): a Pan-African social-business scheme which seeks ‘to foster a sustainable business leadership culture in vulnerable African youths and women.’

Since 2013, NEBA has been an active member of President Barack Obama’s, Young African Leaders’ Initiative (YALI). As alumnus of YALI Regional Leadership Centre (RLC) Lagos, Nigeria, he serves as a member of the Editorial Committee of YALI Newsletter, and National Secretary General of YALI RLC Alumni Chapter, Cameroon. Neba is Cameroon’s Liaison-Officer in BOD of Penvy Investment Ltd, Lagos-Nigeria –– an extraordinary investment community –– committed to developing innovative, profitable businesses for optimal yield and notable impact across Africa.

He is a Fellow of other professional caucuses, like –– National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development, Cameroon (2014); Cameroon Leadership Academy (2015); and Sub-Saharan International-Model United Nations, Cameroon (2017). He understands 3 international languages –– English, French, and German.