Mariana Bautista

Hi! I’m Mariana and I am originally from Mexico City and I reside in the City of Cancún, Quintana Roo. 

I am a member of the youth sector committee of the state of Quintana Roo in the basin council of the Yucatán Peninsula. I have participated in engineering conferences and have awards in: 

“Emerging technologies for problem solving”,”Obtaining energy from salinity gradients, a learning approach of the CEMIE-O project” “RETScreen Expert as a tool in energy analysis”, “Storytelling Story Mining”, “Storytelling Workshop” telling stories with a purpose”, “Educators Workshop for the environment”, “1st forum for the ocean from the Mexican Caribbean”, “Training Program: Environmental Education in the face of Climate Change”, “Comprehensive management of hazardous waste at the University of Caribbean” 

I have carried out various volunteer actions in cleaning up beaches, mangroves, urban areas and public areas. I was director in the creation of murals at the IMSS Specialty Hospital in the ONCONCREAN area (a program for children fighting cancer in 2022). 

Also, I am Leader of the Guardianes del Caribe University Club, which aims to carry out actions regarding sustainability where the university community and society are involved, promoting an environmental culture at the University of the Caribbean and in society, which motivates transformation towards sustainable lifestyles. Being a transformation collective, led by young students from the University of the Caribbean who contribute to the achievement of university social responsibility and sustainability. 

I am an artist and a teacher of artistic drawing and painting since 2019. In each of the classes I teach, I seek to promote the values of the Earth Charter, as well as environmental care and develop training in connection with nature through the sensitivity of art. 

I am currently studying Environmental Engineering at the University of the Caribbean. Since 2020, I belong to the Earth Charter Young Leaders Programme, after completing the Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics online course.