Costa Rica, Bolivia, Perú

Urpi Castañeda

Urpi Castañeda, 23, is a tropical biologist by training and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Natural Resources Management at the National University of Costa Rica. She is Costa Rican by birth, but also of Bolivian and Peruvian roots. She has been involved in processes of university extension and socio-environmental community management. She has also been active in the student movement, where she has assumed positions of student representation in the Association of Students of Biological Sciences and later before the Academic Council of the UNA (2018-2020), thus working for student well-being. 

She was the coordinator and co-creator of pioneering student initiatives such as the I and II Student Experimental Camp and the project Weaving Networks Beyond the U, in search of collaborative, horizontal and interdisciplinary learning spaces with the communities. She is also very fond of popular science, environmental education and urban ecology. 

She has a strong commitment to what she does and believes in a world where other worlds also fit. 

Email: [email protected]