Jule Kemper

Jule grew up in Germany but quickly discovered her interest in other cultures and exploring other countries to connect with people from all over the world. After finishing her A-Levels she travelled through Central and South America. During her stay in Costa Rica, she fell in love with the rainforest and its biodiversity. Therefore, decided to dedicate her career to protecting the natural ecosystems and studied Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands which she completed in 2021. But after being confronted with the complex global challenges during her studies, she realized that it needs a shift in heart, thought and action to protect the beauty of this planet. That’s when she discovered Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in which she quickly found her passion and started to work on several smaller projects and research tasks. In her eyes, ESD is a key instrument for a worldwide shift towards a more sustainable, peaceful and just life. With the Earth Charter, she finally found a manifest and a community that shared her vision and her values. Eventually, she wrote her bachelor thesis in collaboration with the Earth Charter Secretariat about ESD and collective transformative learning which she published in the Glocality Journal. 

After completing the LSE course and becoming an Earth Charter Young Leader she wants to use the network of engaged young individuals to keep working on ESD projects and connect with others to come up with new ideas on how education can be transformed and adapted to today’s challenges and needs while helping to build awareness and stimulate action in the broader society.