Yumi Jnifar Gillur

Yumi is majoring in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in an interdisciplinary bachelor’s program at Okayama University, as an international student in Japan. Her research studies at the university revolve around international development and rural development. Coming from Bangladesh where she witnessed the effects of climate change firsthand, she has a strong keenness to gain insight into sustainable strategies that deal with problems involving broader societal development, particularly climate governance and climate justice. 

She is also an active climate activist and is currently interning at the Climate Reality Project in Japan as a certified Climate Leader trained in Seoul. After attending the LSE course in 2023, she got inspired to contribute through this channel to increase youth engagement in climate sustainability and climate injustice at educational institutions. Encouraged by these two organizations, she’s planning to pursue her master’s in Environmental Sustainability with research interests in interactive climate governance strategies developing community engagement and participation.  

Intersectionality is a lens through which Yumi views the world, and she is excited to explore deeper into these intricate issues as an Earth Charter Young Leader.