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10-week Youth Online Training Course: Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics to Start 19 June, Deadline to Apply 17 May!

Don’t miss the deadline to sign up for our next 10-week youth online training programme in Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics. The course will begin on 19 June and participants will need to apply by programaWednesday 17 May! This course is designed to train young people around the world, from the ages of 18-30, on how to become active leaders in their community towards a more just, sustainable, and ethical world.

The course will offer you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills on certain themes such as leadership, ethics, sustainability, Earth Charter principles, Eco literacy, Systems Thinking, and how to successfully design and implement a workshop in your community.

Our goal at the end of the course is to successfully strengthen your knowledge and skills on leadership in sustainability, enhance your consciousness to contribute to the greater good, inspire like-minded individuals to collaborate across borders and to carry out your work in your communities, and develop the confidence to use your voice as a leader!

Alumni of this course have the opportunity to become an Earth Charter Young Leader (ECYL). This programme is a year-long leadership opportunity to serve as a focal point in the Earth Charter Youth Network to mobilize and engage other young people around the Earth Charter vision and principles.

Register now by visiting our site:


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Earth Our Home –exhibition in Helsinki

The Earth Our Home exhibition introducing the Earth Charter visited Helsinki, the last city of its tour around Finland, from January 8th to February 16th. The exhibition venue was Laituri, The City Planning Department’s meeting place on Narinkka Square in the city center and about 1,600 people visited in January.

The opening ceremony featured four distinguished speakers who discussed different aspects of sustainable development: Member of Parliament Pekka Haavistol; Jaana Hirsikangas from the project team; development studies researcher Anja Nygren from the University of Helsinki; and Alpo Tani from the City Planning Department. The opening ceremony had a warm atmosphere and there was much discussion. Coffee, tea and baked goods were served by the ecomarket Ruohonjuuri and Kannisto Bakery.

During the exhibition time, nine workshops were organized, mostly for school classes. Teachers were pleased to learn about the Earth Charter and to have the opportunity to use the workshop materials in teaching their pupils about sustainable development. More workshops were organized in Helsinki than any other city during the project, thanks to the guides who were willing to go and organize workshops outside the exhibition at schools.

The people taking part in workshops and visiting the exhibition learned about the Earth Charter and were able to discuss sustainable development issues with the four guides. The exhibition and its opening ceremony also was well-covered in the media, including newspapers, Facebook, and different event calendars. A Swedish daily newspaper, Hufvudstadsbladet, also published one longer article and interviewed two of the guides, Liisa and Paula.

All in all, the exhibition tour had good end in Helsinki.

Guides: Anna, Inka, Liisa and Paula.

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Earth – Our Home -exhibition greetings from Turku, Finland

An exhibition based on the Earth Charter arrived in Hansa Shopping Center in Turku, Finland on September 17th and stayed there until October 14th. It was titled Earth our Home. The opening ceremony contained a familiar atmosphere created by the Bogolo Street Band, a group whose music is based on traditional music from West Africa. Also, Katja Mansikkaniemi from the Green Living Movement Finland spoke about sustainability and related subjects. After the formal program, the guides toured the audience around the exhibition.

Two workshops were organized for the students of sustainable development at Turku University of Applied Sciences. In the workshops, the students were told about Earth Charter’s principles. There were interesting conversations related to the themes of the Earth Charter in the classrooms. The students were given different positive articles in the workshops and they were given the task of finding the Earth Charter principle to which the article given them fitted best. The choices of the students were also reflected afterwards. A small group of 11-year-old pupils visited the exhibition. They were guided through the principles and despite  their really youth they had wonderful ideas for a sustainable future.

Guides and visitors had interesting and warm conversations regarding sustainable development during the exhibition. All in all, the experience in Turku was inspiring!

Guides: Anni, Sanna and Joni

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Earth – Our Home Exhibition in Jyväskylä, Finland

An Earth Charter-based exhibition titled Earth our Home was organized in Jyväskylä, Finland between July 16th and August 14th, 2012. About 50 people endorsed the Earth Charter during the exhibition. The opening featured three honored guest speakers from different sectors of the society. The first speech was given by Henna Virkkunen, the Minister of Public Administration and Local Government of Finland. She talked about sustainable development in the global and local contexts. The second speech was delivered by Riikka Kinnunen commissioner from Lassila & Tikanoja, one of the leading companies in the field of waste management in Finland. Kinnunen focused on the importance of recycling. The third speaker was Ritva Lukkarinen from JAPA, which is a local organization for sustainable development. She talked about alternatives to the current economic system.

The general atmosphere at the exhibition was positive and the feedback received from the visitors was  supportive. One of the group discussions focused on how the Earth Charter can be used in our every day life. The guided group was very open for discussion and they had many real life examples concerning the Earth Charter.

It was a pleasure to share the ideas of the Earth Charter in Jyväskylä!

Guides: Anna, Elina & Heli

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland supports an Earth Charter project

For the first time ever, the Earth Charter will be introduced to the Finnish audience as part of a collaborative project. An EC Affiliate called Green Living Movement Suomi ry and the Earth Charter Finland network together with their partners successfully presented a project proposal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and received approval for it.

The project is called “Earth, our home”, as stated in the Preamble of the Earth Charter. The project consists of a 16 panel exhibition that will travel through Finland during the year 2012. The project is training over 30 university aged students to become “Guides for Sustainable Development”. These youth are being trained in a virtual platform with the topics of the Earth Charter, sustainable development and project management.

In their home cities, the Guides for Sustainable Development will:

  • receive the exhibition to their cities and set it up,
  • advertise it widely,
  • organize and host the opening event with reputable speakers,
  • host an Earth Charter workshop for local organizations, institutions and municipality representatives, 
  • serve the visitors at the exhibition for 80 hours per month and guide audience through it,
  • report accurately the visit of the exhibition in their city on the projects website and the Earth Charter International´s Finnish page,
  • send the exhibition further to the next city.

The first exhibition was successfully launched in Helsinki, now the exhibition is currently set up in Lahti city.

The project will have its own website that will provide more information not only about the project and the exhibition itself, but more widely about the Earth Charter and the different tools that are available to implement the values and principles for sustainability into action. The visitors can also endorse the Earth Charter on the page in Finnish. The project team will translate several Earth Charter materials into Finnish language and publish them on the webpage.

The project has a part-time coordinator, but the majority of the work is done by a passionate group of volunteers. The project has a steering committee that consists of 10 volunteers that will be accountable for the project´s success. When calculating all the voluntary work together that is being done for this project, more than 8600 hours of volunteer work will be done for the Earth Charter in Finland during the year 2012! The budget approved from the Finnish Ministry for the project is over US$35,000.

The aim of the project is that people would live more sustainably and that the Earth Charter would be known and used as a tool for sustainability in Finland. After the year 2012 the exhibition can be loaned to be set up by the organizations, schools, institutions etc.

The partners of the project are:
The Green Cultural and Educational Centre, ViSiO
The National Union of University Students in Finland, SYL
Degree Programme in Sustainable Development, Turku University of Applied Sciences

More information: ec.suomi[@]

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Earth Charter Suomen infoilta ja perustamiskokous


Earth Charter eli Kestävän kehityksen peruskirja on julistus, johon on koottu oikeudenmukaisen, kestävän ja rauhanomaisen nyky-yhteiskunnan rakentamiseen tähtäävät eettiset perusperiaatteet.

Nyt Earth Charter –kansalaisliike laajenee Suomeen! Kyseessä on harvinaisen moninainen, maailmanlaajuinen verkosto, jonka jäsenet edistävät ja toteuttavat Earth Charterin arvoja ja periaatteita.

Tervetuloa infoiltaan ja EC Suomen perustamiskokoukseen
ke 18.1.2012 klo 18.00 – 20.00.

Ensitapaamisemme järjestetään Kehitysyhteistyön palvelukeskuksessa,
Töölöntörinkatu 2 A, Aurinko-kokoushuoneessa.
Ulkopaikkakuntalaiset voivat osallistua tapahtumaan virtuaalisesti linkissä

Illan ohjemassa EC-kansalaisliikkeen esittely, tervehdys Earth Charter Internationalin sihteeristöstä Costa Ricasta UN University for Peacelta sekä Suomen EC-yhdistyksen virallinen perustaminen.

Olet lämpimästi tervetullut mukaan ja kuulemaan lisää!

Earth Charter Suomen puolesta,
Jaana Hirsikangas ja Jaakko Sandström

Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätietoja:  

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Planin Mitä?-verkosto tutustui Earth Charteriin

Planin Mitä?-verkosto tutustui Earth Charteriin

Mitä?-verkosto on Plan Suomen vaikuttamisen kanava 18–30-vuotiaille, globaalin kansalaisvastuun kysymyksistä kiinnostuneille nuorille aikuisille. Verkosto kannustaa siirtymään puheista tekoihin globaalin vastuun, tasa-arvon ja ihmisoikeuksien toteutumiseksi.

16.-18.9.2011 Plan Suomi järjesti Globaalin vastuun bootcampin. Leirillä käsiteltiin kansalaisvaikuttamisen, nuorten osallistumisen ja globaalin vastuun teemoja eri keinoin. Agendalla oli myös ekologisemmat, eettisemmät ja vaihtoehtoiset kulutustavat.

Kestävän kehityksen peruskirja (Earth Charter) oli yksi koulutuksen anneista. Lauantaina 17.9.2011 Mirian Vilela, Earth Charter Internationalin sihteeristön toiminnanjohtaja, piti leirille osallistuville nuorille etäesittelyn tästä eettisestä työkalusta. Esitys pidettiin onlinenä, Earth Charter Internationalin käyttämässä virtuaalisessa seminaaritilassa. Webbikameran, mikrofoonin ja PowerPointin avulla Kestävän kehityksen peruskirja esiteltiin Costa Ricasta Suomeen.

Niin järjestäjät kuin osallistujatkin olivat erittäin tyytyväisiä esitykseen ja mahdollisuuteen tutustua Kestävän kehityksen peruskirjaan, jonka kokivat sopivan erinomaisesti viikonlopun ohjelmaan. Järjestäjät kertovat osallistujien olleen erittäin inspiroituneita kuulemastaan ja antoivatkin esitykselle hyvää palautetta palautelomakkeissaan.

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Earth Charter tutuksi Kehitysyhteistyön Nuorisoverkostolle

Kehitysyhteistyön nuorisoverkosto kokoontui 16.8.2011 Kehitysyhteistyön palvelukeskus Kepassa. Kehitysyhteistyön nuorisoverkosto kokoaa yhteen nuorten parissa työskentelevät kehitysyhteistyön toimijat.  

Nuorisoverkoston viidennessä tapaamisessa kuultiin Earth Charter Youth Networkin toiminnasta! Jaana Hirsikangas esitteli Kestävän kehityksen peruskirjan (engl. Earth Charter) paikalla olleille n. 40 eri nuorisojärjestöjen edustajalle. Esityksen nimi oli ’Earth Charter Youth Network – Nuorten rooli kestävämmän tulevaisuuden rakentamisessa’ .

Esitys otettiin erittäin hyvin vastaan ja se herätti paljon kiinnostusta ja kysymyksiä. Myös yhteistyömahdollisuuksia alettiin rakennella heti tapaamisen päätteeksi!

Myöhemmin Earth Charter –PowerPoint esitys ja tapaamisen muistio esityskoosteineen lähetettiin yli 70 eri nuorisojärjestöön ympäri Suomen.

Illan muut esitykset olivat:

  • ’Nuorille suunnattujen seksuaaliterveyspalvelujen ja seksuaalikasvatuksen rooli kehityksessä’.
    Kansainvälisen kehityksen yksikön päällikkö Hellevi Hatunen, Väestöliitto
  • ’Nuorten ammatillinen koulutus jälleenrakennustyössä’.
    Ulkomaantoiminnan suunnittelija Outi Perähuhta, Pakolaisapu
  • ’Julkisen, yksityisen ja kolmannen sektorin välinen yhteistyö Grapho Learning Initiative – hankkeessa’.
    Projektipäällikkö Helena Lehtimäki, Jyväskylän yliopisto
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Award given to leaders in Christian Muslim cooperation in Pakistan

Finland’s Interfaith Dialogue Network, which supports the Earth Charter, has given the 2011 Golden Rule Award to two leaders in Christian-Muslim cooperation in Pakistan. Dominican priest, Father James Channan, and Grand Imam Maulana Syed Muhammad Abdul Khabir Azad have worked together for years to promote religious harmony.  Last year’s awardee was the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen.
Father James Channan, Regional Coordinator in Pakistan for United Religions Initiative (URI), is a Director of the Peace Center of the Dominican Order in Pakistan. As an interfaith and Catholic leader, fr. Channan has been regularly consulted on religious issues by Pakistan’s government and lectures on interfaith peace building around the world.
Grand Imam Maulana Abd-ul Khabir Azad, URI´s Global Council Trustee, is distinguished internationally as a leader who promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation for peace, reconciliation, and addressing urgent human needs. A few years ago, Mr. Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad organized the first interfaith conference inside the Badshahi mosque, which is the largest mosque in Lahore, Pakistan.
Fr. Channan OP sees great hope in Pakistan. “The interfaith dialogue is not just coming together to talk and have a cup of coffee. The work is aimed at having dialogue at every level of life”, he says, and goes on to say that they have, for example, helped those affected by the floods in Pakistan.

The Golden Rule Award is a stone given as a sign of gratitude to people who try to implement The Golden Rule in practice.  Each stone is chosen by a previous awardee.  Professor Emeritus Reijo E. Heinonen, who received the award in 2009, says that the stones challenge human responsibility and remind us of our mutual interdependence.
The prize is awarded annually on the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21st. It was presented to fr. James Channan OP in Bonn, September 4th, at the 64th Annual United Nations Conference for DPI/NGO on the theme “Sustainable Societies; Responsive Citizens.”  Felix Dodds, the Chairperson of the UN Bonn Conference was also present to give the diploma to the Pakistanian Christian-Muslim team.
“The religious communities, faith based organizations, and people from different faiths can play a big part in motivating people to act together based upon common values for a sustainable lifestyle,” says Heidi Rautionmaa, Finland’s Interfaith Dialogue Network Coordinator. Rautionmaa believes that faith should inspire and encourage people for needed environmental awareness, ecological practices, and social engagement. There is no peace and justice if there is not a sustainable way of life.
The Interfaith Dialogue Network in Finland consists of Helsinki Religious Forum of The United Religions Initiative, Religions for Peace Suomen naisverkosto (Religions for Peace Finnish Women of Faith Network), Kaupunki yhteisönä ry. (Living together in cities) and international Uskot ilman rajoja ry. (Faiths Without Borders). The network works in fellowship with the Parliament of the World’s Religions.  Interfaith Network in Finland supports the Earth Charter Initiative towards RIO + 20.

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EC promoted at the European Development Education Summer School

Thank you Sujan Saha for for writing this article
and for your continuous support for the Earth Charter!

From June 12-18, 2011 The Earth Charter was promoted at DESS 2011: “Quality and Impact in Development Education” in Finland. Around 70 participants from all around the world joined in the annual summer school. DESS 2011 was organized by the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum (DEEEP) of CONCORD (the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development ) in association with Kehys, and the Finnish NGDO Platform.

In the summer school’s market place an EC youth activist, e-GLO 3 alumni Sujan Saha showcased the Earth Charter and shared the Earth Charter principles with the participants.

“My aim was to disseminate the Earth Charter principles for sustainable development among the participants. I also hoped to get some volunteers for the Earth Charter Youth Task Force.

The Summer School Market Place was arranged to display participants’ organizations and for networking opportunities. Participants made a poster and brought recent information about their organization, projects and/or audiovisual tools for sharing and presentation.

Sujan made a poster and leaflets out of the newly formed EC Youth Task Force activities. The poster was hung on a board, and talked to the visitors standing by the poster pointing out vision, mission and goals of the Earth Charter Youth Task Force. Sujan was also interviewed for the newsletter; therein he also talked about the Earth Charter Initiative.

“I started with explaining what the Earth Charter Initiative is. Afterwards, I introduced Youth Task Force to them. Finally, I gave them leaflets for future communication. I also displayed Interwoven Stories at my stall.

Generally, I got positive feedback that many have heard about the Earth Charter Initiative.  Some even committed that they would join our next meeting of the Youth Task Force. I am glad to see that some of the people of the event have signed up already for the Earth Charter Youth Task Force.”

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