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Earth Charter activists help flood victims in Pakistan

Honor and support the young people of our communities, enabling them to fulfill their essential role in creating sustainable societies.

As part of the Earth Charter Initiative there is a bold, diverse and dynamic action-oriented youth network that promotes the principles of the Earth Charter among young people. This network involves active young people from over 100 countries, with more than 90 Earth Charter Youth Groups (ECYGs) and numerous partners around the world.

One of the Earth Charter Youth Groups, Rafique Research & Educational ECYG, is located in Pakistan. After the devastating floods in 2010 the group wanted to take actions to help country’s Internally Displaced People. According to Pakistani government data the floods directly affected about 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure.

So far Rafique Research & Educational ECYG has been able to fundraise more than 3500??? through Earth Charter’s Dutch partner, 1%CLUB. With this financial support the group has so far been voluntarily helping more than 800 people in their home community, Lodhran, by providing emergency food and medicine. The fundraising is still continuing.

This is just one of the examples on how the Earth Charter youth activists, all over the world, are working to bring alive the vision of the Earth Charter in their communities. These young people study the declaration, get inspired by it and then organize small action projects that promote justice, sustainability and peace. Through their work ECYGs achieve a multiplying effect in their communities.

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Support is needed for Flood Victims in Pakistan

The help is urgently needed in Pakistan that is facing the worst flooding in 80 years. Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has stated that 20 million people had been displaced by the disaster. Millions are still trying to survive without clean water, food and shelter.

Earth Charter Youth Group (ECYG) in Pakistan is looking for support for their efforts in helping the flood victims. The youth group aims to help 1100 internally displaced persons in Lodhran, Punjab by providing food and medicine.

Rafique Research & Educational ECYG can be supported through Dutch organization called 1%CLUB. 1%CLUB is partnering with the Earth Charter International and has created a platform that is specifically designed for the Earth Charter Youth Groups to display their project plans and seek for support. Donations for the Earth Charter inspired actions projects can be done safely online with a credit card.  Please donate here. 

Rafique Research & Educational ECYG has been affiliated with the Earth Charter Initiative since spring 2010 and has actively promoted the declaration for more sustainable future in their city.

Read more about this urgent need to support the Pakistani ECYG and their project proposal called “Food and Medicine to the Flood Victims Pakistan” here.

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NGO in Pakistan is looking for your support

Kisan Bard Pakistan Environmental Department is an organization based in Lahore, Pakistan,  whose focus is on tree plantation, promoting renewable energy such as solar and bio gas, and doing solid waste management. They aim to generate awareness on the importance of protecting nature and sustainable lifestyles.

When they heard about the Earth Charter, they got excited because the values contained in this document resonated with the values and principles they are promoting. In this sense, they have been getting more and more involved in the Earth Charter Initiative.

 According to Abdul Aleem, project coordinator of Kisan Bard Pakistan, they are continually organizing tree plantation and environmental education campaigns especially in schools.  But, they want to do more, and so they need help.

There are two projects that they would like to carry out in Pakistan:

1. A Cycle rally called: “We Can Change Our Climate, Love Environment, and Love Trees”. The purpose of this rally will be to to create awareness about Global Warming through Tree plantation.  It will start from District Bahawalpur Lal Sohanra National Park (Punjab) to China border Gilgit, step by step approx (15-to-20 steps). The rally will start with a tree plantation and after completing all the steps, the activity will close with another tree plantation.   At least 5000 Trees will be planted during rally.

2. Print and distribute posters with environmental messages in Bus Terminals, College/University, Cory door and Canteen, Hostels, Railway stations, Hotels, Hospitals etc. The poster has been already designed; they just need help with printing.  The message is in English & Urdu.

For more information, and if you think you can support in any way their projects, please contact Abdul Aleem,

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Restore the Rule of Law in Pakistan

The following statement on Pakistan has been endorsed by those members of the Earth Charter International Council and by those ECI Advisors and staff members listed below.


The imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan by the government and the measures being taken to enforce emergency rule violate international human rights law and the ethical principles of the Earth Charter (see especially Principles 3, 13 and 16). Therefore, we join the call, widely supported throughout the world, for:


• an immediate end to the imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan and the restoration of the rule of law.

• a halt to the mass arrests of members of the legal profession, university professors and students, and other peaceful protestors, and the prompt release of those arrested under emergency rule provisions.

• an end to efforts to establish a new politically dependent judicial and legal system and the reestablishment of an independent judiciary in the High Courts of Pakistan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

• the restoration of democratic processes, including the holding of promised national elections.


We express our deepest sympathy to all those in Pakistan who have suffered under emergency rule. We urge the international community to work together with urgency to help restore the rule of law in Pakistan in support of the long-term best interests of the people of Pakistan.


We issue this statement in the spirit of the Earth Charter’s vision for building a just, sustainable and peaceful world.


Rick Clugston

Marianella Curi

Camila Argolo Godinho

Ron Engel

Lailai Li

Song Li

Alexander Likhotal

Brendan Mackey

Elizabeth May

Dumisoni Nyoni

Henrietta Rasmussen

Steven Rockefeller

Mohammed Sahnoun

Mary Evelyn Tucker

Mirian Vilela

Razeena Wagiet

Erna Witoelar

Lisa Panella

Lisa Öberg

Peter Blaze Corcoran

Kartikeya Sarabhai

Alide Roerink



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