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A Graduate Course in Education Using the Earth Charter

By Sam Crowell

I just completed teaching an intensive two-week graduate course at Saint Michael’s College entitled Shaping the Future: Educating forShaping the future 3 Mindful, Sustainable, and Global Citizenship. Located in Colchester, Vermont, we took advantage of the beautiful campus landscape and extended the classroom to include the sun and sky, the towering trees, multi-colored gardens, and the solitude of open spaces. An “emergent assignment” invited students on their own time to explore the natural world noticing mindfully the five basic patterns of Nature – spiral, branching, meandering curved lines, hexagons, and creative bursts. On the last day of class students prepared an inspiring and emotional closing celebration that included a gallery of their created sculptures that depicted these patterns and an artist statement that addressed the symbolic meaning behind their sculptures. It was amazing.

The course was designed to explore how planetary and global citizenship are forms of civic learning and necessarily include themes such as peace and human rights, intercultural understanding, respect for diversity and inclusiveness. Central to understanding the values behind these themes is the Earth Charter which was a central focus of attention.

As a graduate course in education, we used the Earth Charter, my two e-books on Earth Charter Pedagogy, Catherine O’Brien’s book on Sustainable Happiness, and Jane Cull’s The Circularity of Life which builds on the ideas of Humberto Maturana. Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 was the organizing “container” that held disparate themes and ideas together.

Also integrated into the content of this course was a basic understanding and practice of mindfulness and how it can relate to sustainability. Part of mindful awareness is helping students develop the capacity to positively influence and create personal futures that can benefit the world – lives that not only are rooted in foundational intellectual sills, but also oriented toward caring, compassion and love. Transformative learning necessarily shifts the nature of one’s consciousness. Learning to use our awareness to see how we focus attention on fragmentation and linear, hierarchical structures instead of connected, open, interwoven wholes is central to internalizing the worldview represented by the Earth Charter and the new cosmic story of our time.

The assumptions of Connectedness, Relationship, Caring, and Systems Thinking were woven into the intellectual and experiential fabric of the course. It modeled the pedagogy of embodied cognition, experiential learning, multi-sensory materials, and group interaction. Perhaps more importantly though, there was a strong sense of community. Group participation and responsibility were embraced. Also present was a willingness to deeply process non-linear experience and apply new knowledge and insights to real situations.

Perhaps the students can articulate it best:

– “What this course instilled in me is the notion that I am not alone in believing ‘kinship with all life’ is vital if we are to continue to not only live but thrive on our shared Earth.”

– “I am inspired to practice the values of the Earth Charter in my own life and help instill them in my students.”

-“This course has helped my see my own truth, be a part of what I am ‘seeing’, and feel connected to the larger context.”

-“This sense of interconnectedness has profoundly impacted me. I believe it can have the same impact on my students.”

– “I intend to be a more active participant in healing our world.”

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SDG World Tour Kick-Off Event

56587619_10161469857115328_3559405360026484736_nThe SDG World Tour project was launched during a special event on 9 April in New York. The purpose of this project is to raise the awareness of a broad public on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through a two-year tour around the world with a sailing boat, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, starting on 16 August 2020 in Amsterdam and ending mid 2022 in New York. During this sailing tour, the boat will stop in 17 harbors for about 10 days. During each stop, it will focus on one specific goal of the 17 SDGs to be highlighted by means of dialogues, forums, festivals, networking and thematic events.

It is envisioned that the SDG World Tour will become a facilitating platform, a catalyst, and a travelling connector. This effort will also serve to highlight local projects related to specific SDGs from the countries where the SDG World Tour stops. The projects that will be showcased will be selected based on their potential to inspire and initiate similar initiatives elsewhere. Five out of the 17 stops (cities/countries) have already been defined: New York, Rio de Janeiro, Capetown, Mumbai and Shanghai. The other 12 cities are to be defined by fall this year.

EC CompassThe Earth Charter International and the SDG World Tour have joined forces and will collaborate in this project as this sailing boat tour will take not only the SDGs with them, but also the Earth Charter as an ethical compass for this journey with projects that will engage youth on the ship, on shore and on line. ECI will invite Affiliates, Partners, Young Leaders and friends to engage in this project for instance, in collaborating by hosting events when the Clipper Stad Amsterdam Sailing boat is anchored in the harbor of an EC Champion’s country. In short, it is envisioned that EC Champions will have their organization and network be part of the SDG World Tour programme when it comes to a certain harbor.

The Kick-off Event for this project, held on 9 April in New York counted with the participation of UNUSG of Global Commmunciaitons, Allison Smale and the first youth mayor of Amsterdam, Avianka Aventurin. At this occasion, an agreement of collaboration was signed between the SDG World Tour and ECI.

You are invited to spread the word of the SDG World Tour and find out more about it at www.sdgworldtour.com

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Earth Charter International and Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, Join Forces to Foster Excellence in Education

ESD As we celebrate the Summer solstice, we welcome a new partnership between Earth Charter International and Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), International Honor Society in Education.

With both organizations working for many years in the field of quality education and dedicated to supporting teachers, it was only a matter of time for them to meet and join forces. The partnership envisions collaboration on Education for Sustainable Development Programmes articulated in the Earth Charter values.

Through this partnership, members of Kappa Delta Pi will have special access to the Earth Charter materials, which they can use in their schools and universities to increase their capacity to incorporate the “knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life” into their teaching.

Logo KDPKDP Executive Director Faye Snodgress shared,”KDP supports educators throughout all phases of their teaching careers by offering a variety of programmes, services, and resources. The cooperation with Earth Charter International provides our members with knowledge and tools they can use to advance awareness and action for sustainable learning and living.”

EC International logo peq“Partnering with KDP, an organization committed to the values of both the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development and the Earth Charter,” said Earth Charter Executive Director Marian Vilela, “makes it possible to reach thousands of teachers and help them in their professional development to support the transition to sustainable ways of living on the planet.”

San José, Costa Rica, 21 June 2018.
For more information, contact irma[@]earthcharter.org or faye[@]kdp.org


About Earth Charter:
The Earth Charter is an ethical framework for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century. It seeks to inspire a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole human family, the greater community of life, and future generations. The Earth Charter provides a valuable educational instrument. It encourages  to search for common ground in the midst of our diversity and to embrace a global ethic that is shared by an ever-growing number of people.

About Kappa Delta Pi (www.kdp.org):
Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), International Honor Society in Education, was founded in 1911 at the University of Illinois to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching. As a professional membership association and international honor society in education, KDP provides programs, services, and resources to its member educators to support and enhance their professional growth—all in an effort to advance quality education for all and to inspire teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges. With more than 650 active chapters and nearly 40,000 active members, the organization has seen great accomplishments and milestones in its 107-year history and is looking forward to a future where all children receive a quality education.

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Presentation by ECI Affiliate in Earth Day Conference in USA

Noticia Earth Day Conference 3On April 23, Alejandro Meitin, founder of Ala Plástica, director of Casa Río Argentina and Earth Charter Affiliate, made a presentation at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States, on occasion of the 12th Earth Day Conference.

This panel called “Stories, aesthetics and transformation politics” addressed the question: How does narrative, aesthetic and political work change conversations about environmental issues and what we consider “environmental”?

Noticia Earth Day Conference 1Considering that journalism, film, and stage art are used to convey and illustrate the interconnectedness of humanity with nature, in interesting and sometimes powerful ways, the tools and forms of expression have evolved, but the desire to celebrate, protect, understand and communicate the connection of humanity with the Earth and the responsibility for it remains constant.

Also participating were Justin Gillis, editor of The New York Times on environmental issues, filmmaker Emmanuel Urey, and cultural critic and artist Brian Holmes. On that occasion, Alejandro spoke about the Earth Charter and took the opportunity to disseminate it through the different moments in which he presented.

During his presentation, Alejandro emphasized, “Art is a vehicle for the construction of new imaginaries that feed the symbolic magmas that stimulate human action.” This is a decisive moment for artists of all branches to incorporate and find inspiration in the values of the Earth Charter, collaborating in the deconstruction of the self-destructive myths that guide the destiny of humanity. ”


Earth Day Conference

12th Annual Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Let’s Talk About the Environment: Storytelling, Aesthetics, and the Politics of Transformation

Monday, April 23, 2018
Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Noticia Earth Day Conference 2Artists, writers, and activists provide narratives for understanding environmental complexity.

The tools and forms of expression have evolved, but the desire to celebrate, protect, understand, and communicate humanity’s connection to and responsibility for the Earth remains constant.

How does narrative, aesthetic, and political work shift conversations about environmental issues and what we consider to be “environmental”? Journalism, film, and performance art are all used to convey and illustrate the interconnectedness of humanity to nature in interesting, and sometimes powerful ways.

MODERATOR: Alexandra LaKind, Doctoral Student, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison

Justin Gillis, former New York Times editor and environmental reporter

Brian Holmes, Professor of Philosophy, The European Graduate School

Alejandro Meitin, artist, lawyer, environmental activist and co-founder of the art collective Ala Plástica

Emmanuel Urey, Doctoral Student, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison

More details at:





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Independent Film Showcases the Youth Efforts of Earth Charter Indiana

By: Lorna Battista 

Independent Film 3A new short film, “Little Warriors,” illustrates the passionate actions of the youth members of Earth Charter Indiana. Directed by documentary filmmaker Sam Mirpoorian, “Little Warriors” will be premiering in August at the Indy Film Festival in Indianapolis and the Global Impact Film Festival in Washington, D.C.

It tells the story of the efforts of the kids in Earth Charter Indiana to push Indiana, a traditionally conservative and Republican state, to pass climate change resolutions. Under the Independent Film 1leadership of Jim Poyser, the founder and director of the group, the kids involved have been speakers at public events and testified at governmental hearings about the necessity of passing resolutions to move forward on climate change action.

Sam Mirpoorian wanted to make a climate change film, approached from a unique and small-scale angle. Earth Charter Indiana and Jim Poyser provided that angle, delivering a story that does center on climate change but also on the efforts of Poyser as an educator and mentor, and on the dedication of the youth involved.

EC IndianaMirpoorian hopes that the reach of “Little Warriors” will grow, perhaps enough for it to be seen by the conservative Governor of Indiana, Republican Eric Holcomb. The film demonstrates the strength that youth voices can have, on any topic; getting kids passionate and involved on important global issues is extremely valuable for both them and the movements that they stand behind.


Want to learn more about Earth Charter Indiana? Go to:




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Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics Online Youth Course has Started and Next one in Spanish Begins 11 Sept!


Our fifth Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics online youth course in English started on 19 June. With 25 youth representing over 13 nations we are thrilled to be interacting and engaging youth from so many countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, India, Spain, US, UK, Netherlands, and Canada. The 10-week course will end on 28 August and will cover topics such as Leadership, Sustainability, Ecoliteracy, Systems Thinking, Ethics, Facilitation, the Earth Charter.

The course is being co-facilitated by Youth Projects Coordinator Christine Lacayo and Earth Charter Young Leaders, Victor Okechukwu from Nigeria and Rohdof Lactem from Cameroon.

We have some extremely inspiring and sharp youth in this course; representatives from UN Major Group for Children and Youth, 4 people from the National Union of Students in the UK, someone who is actively involved with the Agenda 21 in the Basque region of Spain, the head of a team of 8 passionate youth in Cameroon who form part of the Hope for the World Youth Association which seeks to bring hope to hopeless communities through entrepreneurship, youth capacity building programs, and someone from the Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT) in Washington state, a non-profit organization on a small island making sustainable communities a reality by holding land in trust for residents of the island and building affordable homes for low income individuals.

Here are some inspiring quotes from the participants with the following forum question: When you dream about a better future, what are three things you envision?

“I envision a future where all basic needs are met. No one will worry about what they will eat, what they will wear, where they will live, or if they can afford to care for their medical needs. The future I envision has no place for greedy persons. There will be perfect leadership, exacting just judgments. In this world that I envision, no one will be convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit. If someone is disciplined or charged with something, they will have to acknowledge that the judgment pronounced on them was just and well deserved. I envision a world full of peace and true happiness. I believe that with the proper leadership and guidance this future will exist for mankind. I must take the first step to be the change that I want to see.” –Quaniqua Williams, USA



“I dream of a world where people are caring towards other people and other animals whom we share our planet with- there are so many injustices towards other human beings that is it difficult to think of a time where we will respect all humans and animals on this planet with equal rights to feel safe, secure and free in our world. Also where all humans understand the true meaning of peace and conflicts and war are no longer an issue. Ultimately where people and planet can thrive and where nature can support all human and animal life on the planet and the people can respect and support nature.” – Hannah Wiseman, UK


“A future in which human rights are respected. A future in which the basic needs of each individual are covered in a sustainable way. Where the production chain, starting with the procurement of the raw material, its handling, consumption and disposal is done in a responsible way and respecting the social and environmental rights of all involved.” – Itxaso Bengoechea Larrinaga, Spain

“The three most important things for a better future for me would be reduced economic inequalities within and between communities and countries, drastic decline in diseases such as malaria, cholera and HIV in developing countries and quality/affordable basic education for all children up until the tertiary level. I believe that if the world will truly become sustainable firstly we need to educate and equip as many people as possible in a short period of time. I believe that quality education will birth solutions that will unlock other Sustainable goals.”

– Olabanji Jackson-oke, Nigeria

Our next online youth training programme will be in Spanish and will begin on 11 September until 20 November. Deadline to apply is 28 August! Email Christine Lacayo, Youth Projects Coordinator if you are interested in registering for our next course: Youthcooridantor@earthcharter.orgLSE Spanish Sept

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PremaGyan Good 100 Medal for Mapting

From April 20th to 22nd, Dino De Francesco, communications officer and co-creator of Mapting, took part in the GoodFestival 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. An initiative that gathered more than 100 social entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world to share and present projects aiming at building a better world.Good Festival

With a focus on partnership and deep collaboration, participants – artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, filmmakers and other practitioners – worked together in small groups to help each other improve their projects and learned from a set of Keynote speakers who shared their own experiences.

After briefly presenting their projects during a “speed dating” session, participants formed teams with innovators working on similar topics and were divided in 8 Summits: 1) Good Water Summit 2) Good Food Summit 3) Good Habitat Summit 4) Good Heatlh Summit 5) Good Education Summit 6) Good Art Summit 7) Good Energy Summit and 8) Good Environment Summit.

With Mapting, Dino took part in the Good Education Summit and worked with a group of 7 people who all had Good Festival1projects related to this field. Together, they came up with great ideas to improve the App and were able to find many synergies between their projects. Finally, after two days of deep collaboration, each participant had a 5-minute pitch to present his/her project in front of a jury and get a chance to win an award. From a total of 65 projects for this edition, around 20 of them, including Mapting, were awarded a PremaGyan Good 100 Medal.

This award is great news and provides more visibility for Mapting! The GoodFestival was a great opportunity to meet passionate social entrepreneurs with whom we are looking forward to collaborate with in the near future.

Good Festival2

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Reflections as the New Earth Charter Youth Projects Coordinator

By: Christine Lacayo

My first month of work ends and I’m excited to share some of my reflections!

As the Earth Charter Youth Projects ChristineECCoordinator, my main responsibility is to motivate, guide, and engage young people to create a more just, sustainable and peaceful world. What is the best way to do this? I think the beauty of this position is the flexibility and creativity the job requires. I have the ability to incorporate my passions and interests to expand and create new opportunities and stories. I’m excited to bring my passion for visual media and writing to collect all Earth Charter Youth actions and stories that are taking place around the world. As an ocean advocate, I would also like to continue sensitizing my community members on the importance of taking care of our ocean ecosystems!

Some of the main projects I’m focusing on now include promoting our app Mapting, used to take pictures of actions related the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have our next photo competition to celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity starting from 12-22 May.Mapting_FB_AD

I’m also facilitating our next online training programme for youth, Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics (LSE) starting 19 June. This 10-week course is designed to prepare and empower young people with the skills and knowledge to be effective ethical sustainability leaders and implement Earth Charter-inspired projects.

One of my favorite roles of my job is having a group of Earth Charter Young Leaders, those who have completed the LSE course, from all over the world. These leaders are from countries such as St. Lucia, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, Japan, Netherlands, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Rwanda, and Spain, just to name a few! My responsibility is to support them along their year commitment as an Earth Charter Young Leader implementing activities and workshops in their community.

I’m also diving into the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Leadership Training Programme created by esd-training-flierEarth Charter International for the UNESCO Global Action Program (GAP) on ESD focusing on priority area number 4: empowering and mobilizing youth. The training is designed for young people from 18-35 who are active leaders in sustainable development in their communities.  At the beginning of July, I will be co-facilitating the training programme in Brasilia, Brazil for selected young leaders from across Latin America!

I’m very excited to start this dynamic new job not to mention the stunning nature views and sounds from my office! I’m happy to be back in the country I grew up visiting as my second home while promoting a more peaceful and sustainable world using the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from my studies and experiences!IMG_0032




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Advertising for Good: Nominations open for Ethicmark Awards 2017

Ethic logo 2Nominations for the 2017 EthicMark® Awards are open until June 23, 2017, for ads and media campaigns that “uplift the human spirit and society.” The winners will be announced at the 28th annual SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing, November 1–3, 2017, in San Diego, CA.

The nomination period is open to ads and media campaigns. These can be produced by businesses, nonprofit organizations or individuals. Nominations can be submitted on the EthicMark® website at: www.ethicmark.org.

The EthicMark® Awards seek to transform advertising by demonstrating the power of media campaigns to further both the public interest and legitimate private interests.

“We expect our 2017 Annual awards to highlight the power of advertising and global media to enlighten the public and inspire companies to new levels of creative responsible marketing worldwide,” said Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets Media, founder and co-chair of the EthicMark® Awards. The 2016 winners were the Do Right Initiative, from Tata Capital in India, and “Give Mom Back Her Name”, a UN Women campaign from Egypt.

The EthicMark® Awards recognize advertising that helps solve the pressing social, political, and environmental challenges of our time. The theme for the 28th annual SRI Conference is #AllinForImpact, celebrating the idea that investment capital can catalyze the shift to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable economy.

The annual EthicMark® Awards are co-sponsored by Ethical Markets Media, LLC, and the World Business Academy, whose president Rinaldo S. Brutoco, as co-chair said, “Ethical advertising is a critical characteristic of a healthy, long-term sustainable corporation that honors what it sells and the deeper values of its customers.”

The Awards are in partnership with The SRI Conference and ESPM, one of Brazil’s premier institutions of higher education in communication, marketing, and business.

Watch this video for the 2016 EthicMark Award Winners:

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10-week Youth Online Training Course: Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics to Start 19 June, Deadline to Apply 17 May!

Don’t miss the deadline to sign up for our next 10-week youth online training programme in Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics. The course will begin on 19 June and participants will need to apply by programaWednesday 17 May! This course is designed to train young people around the world, from the ages of 18-30, on how to become active leaders in their community towards a more just, sustainable, and ethical world.

The course will offer you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills on certain themes such as leadership, ethics, sustainability, Earth Charter principles, Eco literacy, Systems Thinking, and how to successfully design and implement a workshop in your community.

Our goal at the end of the course is to successfully strengthen your knowledge and skills on leadership in sustainability, enhance your consciousness to contribute to the greater good, inspire like-minded individuals to collaborate across borders and to carry out your work in your communities, and develop the confidence to use your voice as a leader!

Alumni of this course have the opportunity to become an Earth Charter Young Leader (ECYL). This programme is a year-long leadership opportunity to serve as a focal point in the Earth Charter Youth Network to mobilize and engage other young people around the Earth Charter vision and principles.

Register now by visiting our site:  http://earthcharter.org/events/leadership-sustainability-ethics-june-2017/


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