colombiaThe Environmental Studies Institute (IDEA) of the National University of Colombia, an ECI Affiliate, in collaboration with the Environmental Education Network and RCE Bogotá have been organizing Environmental Forums and Pedagogy Training opportunities on education for sustainable development using the Earth Charter as a reference. IDEA also offers a course on environmental education, where they use the Earth Charter.

In June 2012, Hon. Álvaro Cruz Vargas, Governor of the Department of Cundinamarca, endorsed the Earth Charter in a public ceremony in the community San Juan de Río Seco. This endorsement was possible thanks to the initiative of Vilma Parra and Lino Donaher from the Maestros del Río Foundation in Colombia, ECI Affiliates.

SIPT Company endorsed the Earth Charter in 2013, and created an educational programme to promote the spirit and objectives of the Earth Charter among the staff´s children who are currently in primary school to make that endorsement more meaningful.

Filosofarte Foundation, ECI Affiliate, founded the Eco AUM ecological school in Bogotá in 2010 using the Earth Charter as its foundation. According to the Foundation, it allows the school to concretize the philosophy and the ethos contained in the Earth Charter with which they fully agree.

There was an EC youth group in Colombia called ASOTEMIRE (Theater, Mime and Recreation Youth Association).