Alejandro Jaimes

Alejandro Jaimes is a university student with studies in Nature-based Solutions and a socio-environmental activist from Bogotá, Colombia. He is part of the Colombian Platform for Children and Youth, the Sihyta Corporation, the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) Colombia, the Youth Coalition for Loss and Damage, the Regional Youth Network for Escazú, among other networks that work for climate justice in different levels. He has contributed to promoting the Escazú Agreement in public and national decision-making spaces. This agreement has the potential to trigger actions towards the protection of frontline environmental defenders, and allows for the strengthening of environmental democracy in various settings. He has co-organized and budgeted financial support for local Fridays for Future protests to demand system change, climate action, and a ban on fracking and unconventional fields. He has also supported the restoration of the El Burro Wetland to preserve urban nature, analyze the loss of biodiversity due to climate change in the city and improve local climate adaptation (in conjunction with the Sihyta Corporation). He is part of the organizing team (programme committee) of the LCOY Colombia, where they had discussions about the importance of youth participation in UNFCCC processes and collected proposals on various topics, including loss and damage and indigenous communities, which are included in the LCOY declaration.