Costa Rica, Heredia



Japan, Canada

Tara Tiger Brown

I develop hands-on science, technology and environmental monitoring projects that are used by parents and teachers of children in Kindergarten to 8th grade.

United Arab Emirates

Laurence Myers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Support sustainability education within the K-12 international school curriculum focusing on cross-disciplinary learning, service learning and informed action experiences.


Peter Gringinger

Vienna, Austria

Educator, Trainer and Facilitator, Whole Systems, Transition & Regenerative Designer

Gaia Education Certified Trainer –
greenskills Lecturer –
Plattform Footprint Trainer –
Earth Charter Educator –
Environmental Consultant –
Global Ecovillage Network Ambassador –
Joyality Program Facilitator –

United States of America

Denise Tangney

Long Island, New York, USA

I use the principles of the Earth Charter as the foundation for Earth Literacy, workshops to awaken a connection to the individual and the cosmos, workshops on science and spirituality.


Maxwell Kanotunga

Harare, Zimbabwe

Maxwell Kanotunga is a committed sustainable development and climate change educator and communicator based in Harare, Zimbabwe,Africa. Working in the non-formal education sector working with the youth and communities and private sector promoting the Earth Charter values encompassing the sustainable development goals under Agenda 2030. Using storytelling to convey sustainability ideas as a form of engagement and making sure public understanding and awareness of sustainability issues is always top priority in all aspects of their daily lives.


Carla Celani

Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy

Primary school, and Secondary school teacher; from 2018 to 2020 worked at the Italian Ministry of Education, and in the staff of the Minister of Education. Degree in International Relations; Specialization Diploma in Teaching and Learning Methodologies. Has organised meetings among teachers, collegues and fellow citizens in order to spread the Earth Charter principles.

Netherlands, Spain

María García Alvarez

Zwolle, The Netherlands

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