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Valerie Ellis

Creative Educators International Network, Inc., is a partner of the Earth Charter, and active in sharing the Earth Charter principles Valerie Ellis

Creative Educators International Network, Inc., is a partner of the Earth Charter, and active in sharing the Earth Charter principles with our members. CEIN’s mission and vision are closely aligned with those of the Earth Charter. We work to transform the learning process with holistic and experiential value-creating education. We believe quality education is the foundation for a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world. Our educators work in a variety of settings from traditional educational institutions and nonprofits to social enterprise companies and informal community-based settings. My background is in Montessori education with students ages 2.5 through 15.


United Kingdom

Silvia Ferrero

  • Country: UK
  • Working language: English and Italian

EC Certified Educator for SD, EC School Seal Verifier and UK Focal point. Anthropologist, Managing Director Silvia Latham Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring on Eco-development.

I have a PhD in Social Anthropology and I am an Earth Charter Certified Educator for SD and School Seal verifier. In 2023, I co-facilitated courses 3 and 4 in the EC Online Certificate on ESD. In 2022, I was guest speaker at the course Product Design Engineering at the Engineering faculty at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK. Since then, I introduce Sustainability and the Earth Charter in the course. As a motivational coach, I work with private and corporate clients, secondary and university students. I am committed to using The Earth Charter principles and values as a foundation for my professional consultancy to enhance eco-development and encourage personal growth also through the endorsement of the values expressed in the Earth Charter. As an anthropologist, I also worked on a three-year EU funded comparative project on schooling and ICT with five European institutions under the Socrates-Minerva Program. 


Miguel Ángel Guzmán Velásquez

Primary Education Technician, Specialist in Sciences, Guatemalan Ministry of Education Liaison for the Interinstitutional Coordination Table for Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

Bachelor of Educational Administration – Francisco Marroquín University (Guatemala)

High School Professor of Biological and Chemical Sciences – University from the Valley of Guatemala

Teacher of Urban Primary Education, Colegio San Sebastían, (Guatemala)


Gonzalo José Castro Lodeiro

Teacher and director of a primary school in Lugo, Spain. Specialist in Educational Direction, Management and Innovation. He is currently doing a doctorate in the department of experimental sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela on the issue of the involvement of educational centers in environmental education.


Maria del Mar Lluelles Perera

• Computer science teacher at the Caparrella Institute in Lleida. http://iescaparrella.cat/
• Educator at Earth Charter International. https://cartadelatierra.org/educators/
• Trainer of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. http://xtec.gencat.cat/ca/inici/
• Trainer of the CRP of Segrià.https: //serveiseducatius.xtec.cat/segria/
• Coordinator of the Implícate + Project with the Earth Charter and the 2030 Agenda. Https://blocs.xtec.cat/implicat/
• Affiliated to the Earth Charter International. https://blocs.xtec.cat/implicat/2016/05/27/afiliats-amb-la-carta-de-la-terra-internacional/
• Diploma in Education for Sustainable Development.
• Member for ten years of the Catalan Community of Webquest. http://webquestcat.net/
• Member of the Friends of UNESCO Association of Tortosa. http://www.unescotortosa.cat/
• 1st Prize La Caixa in the category “Initiatives to promote the social integration of groups with adaptation difficulties, through the use of technologies”. 2008. http://www.lleida.org/concursinformatica/cat/edicionsAnteriors/2007.asp
• 1st Prize in the VII Impulse Prize for educational innovation in the category “Center project”. 2015. https://fundacioimpuls.org/conoce-los-ganadores-del-vii-premio-impuls/
• 1st Prize in the 9th Federico Mayor Zaragoza Prize in the “Education” category. 2016.


Rocío Milagros Collantes González

Degree in International Relations from the University of Panama in 2011

She obtained her International Postgraduate Course on Climate Change – International Climate Negotiations from the Green Fund, Huancayo, Peru in 2016, as a fellow of the Organization of American States.

She is the Regional Coordinator of the Earth Charter Young Leaders in Panama since 2017 recognized by UNESCO.

She is the National Coordinator of the International Network of SDG Promoters Panama since 2020.

She has been a fellow of the Diplomas and Seminars in:

 Seminar on Protected Agriculture and Industrial Development of the Arena in Asian countries 2015 in the People’s Republic of China

 Focus on Equal Rights and Gender Equality in Policies, Programs and Projects of the Organization of American States in 2017

 Political Innovation for Southern Affairs and the Academy of Political Innovation with the Outstanding Project “La Huerta de Rosy” in 2017

 Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics Program of the Earth Charter in the year 2017

 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems of the Central American Integration System (SICA) in 2018

 Training Program: “SISA Women Activating of Southern Affairs and the Academy of Political Innovation in 2019

 Agents of Change Program with the Friedrich Ebert Panama Foundation in 2021

 Diploma in Public Policies for Sustainable Development in the Framework of the 2030 Agenda, organized by the Observatory for Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals of the Faculty of Public Administration of the University of Panama.

She received three (3) times the Octavio Méndez Pereira Medal (2015, 2016 and 2017) in the Cultural Category, represented as a Youth Delegate to the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Panama on Student Day.

She received a Certificate of Recognition from His Excellency Marcelino Avilés Valdespino – First Resident Ambassador of Panama in the Commonwealth of Australia “for his contributions to education, world peace, prosperity, well-being, for a more inclusive and equitable world for all beings. humans on this planet ”.

She represented the Earth Charter Young Leaders as a Youth Delegate at:

 V Youth Forum of the Americas in commemoration of the VIII Summit of the Americas in 2018

She participated with the Earth Charter Young Leaders for the second time in the Citizen Ambassadors Program Agenda 2030 – 2020 organized by The Millennials Movement.

Represented the Earth Charter Young Leaders as Youth Spokesperson in the Youth Dialogue of the Americas with the theme: “Youth and the Sustainable Development Goals – Decade of Action”, organized by the Organization of American States and Young Americas Business Trust.

She is currently an International Consultant on Human Rights, International Relations, United Nations System, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Earth Charter and International Humanitarian Law.


Claudia Beatriz Cardenas

Claudia Beatríz Cárdenas Becerra is an educator with a master’s degree in Educational Sciences with a specialty in Didactics and Educational Technology from the University of Panama. She has also formally specialized in the subject of Disaster Risk Management, with special emphasis on Human Rights, Gender Equity, Public Investment and Sustainable Local Development.

She has more than 20 years of working on the theme of disaster risk reduction / resilience management and adaptation to climate change, and in all Central American countries (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala) ; Andean countries (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela), Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Chile. These areas of work she has developed in the field of formal, virtual, community education, and with specific experiences on gender equity, cultural heritage and early warning systems.

United States of America

Eulin Patricia Chacón Gamboa

Eulin Patricia Chacón Gamboa, Master in Curriculum Administration in Central American Educational and Rural Education, director of the San Francisco de Peñas Blancas School and Organic Integral Land Promised Land, professor at the National University of Costa Rica and the University of San José. She was the winner of educational awards such as: Manuel Antonio National Park of the Legislative Assembly and III Place of the Continental Rally of Schools of Sustainable Development that took place in Central America and the Caribbean, these with the project La Finca Tierra Prometida. Twice recognized and distinguished educator of the College of Graduates and Professors. Her experience in field practices and her systematizations have allowed her to innovate for several national competitions where she has been an exhibiting speaker. She integrate the Earth Charter in all the projects at the Finca Tierra Prometida.

United States of America

Kelsey Hill

Network and build capacity of local food assistance agencies to equitably and sustainably represent food choice and autonomy of marginalised populations. This is accomplished in part through telling the story of systemic injustice, and the work we can do on the social, ecological, and political fronts to address the root causes of hunger.


María José Peón Rodríguez

25 year-old pedagogue, enthusiastic about taking care of the life of all and all forms of life.
I currently work at the Marist University of Mérida, where I support the Directorate of Educational Quality.
Always looking for something new to learn.

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