The Earth Charter in Action: Toward a Sustainable Development (Dutch)

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A large-format, beautifully published book of essays on the Earth Charter, featuring many prominent authors and leaders in the Earth Charter Initiative worldwide, as well as many Earth Charter activists putting the vision to work in the world.

Book edited by Peter Blaze Corcoran, Mirian Vilela, and Alide Roerink. Also available in English and Spanish.

Author: Corcoran, Peter Blaze, ed.
Publisher: KIT Publishers BV, Amsterdam
ISBN: 90-6832-173-0
Year Published: 2005
Country: International
Language: 1
  • The Earth Charter is a document with sixteen principles powering a global movement. Together, we are turning conscience into action for a thriving Earth. We know you’re ready. Now, let’s get to work.

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