Medcom Benefit Solutions: applying the EC across their business enterprise

Medcom Benefit Solutions is a leading employee benefits administrator, based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, that is well-known for delivering exceptional service and offering a variety of services that are designed to help employers in the U.S. meet the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace. In the U.S., employers generally offer medical insurance, dental insurance, retirement programs and other tax-free ”benefit-programs” as part of a “total compensation” package. Medcom, however, strives to go above and beyond the typical “benefits package” and offer something more meaningful and valuable to our team members.

Medcom joined as an Earth Charter Partner in 2019. We are fully committed to creating a more just and sustainable world and are prepared to help guide the way for others who are searching for ways to grow personally and professionally. Our goal is to not only improve the world we live in, but to also help cultivate our team members individually through open dialogue and education. Our Earth Charter internal champion, Mallory Hopkins, states it best:

“Medcom is a company that I love to work for; they also make strides to create a more diverse workplace instead of just talking about it. I feel valued and full of gratitude to work for a company that advocates for taking care of employees and truly practices what they preach. When we announced our partnership with Earth Charter, I knew I had made the right choice of employer. As a member of Gen Z, it’s important to me that I work for a company that cares about our future and our planet.”

Mallory Hopkins

Medcom recognizes that the value of our business enterprise increases by supporting the professional development of our employees and the partners with whom we conduct business. Our organization operates in a larger ecosystem whose future is threatened by lack of thought and attention to creating a sustainable world for generations to come. We are committed to the Earth Charter because its principles address inspirational and universal values by which we may contribute towards a more just, sustainable and peaceful world. Through thoughtful conversations and team-building courses, Medcom is making a lasting impression on our colleagues and their family members. Long-time employee, Jennifer Oliver shared, “Being employed by an Earth Charter partner, has taught my family and I the responsibility we have as a community to maintain and support the quality of our environment. By participating in a local downtown clean-up, I was able to teach my children how to be sustainable and respect the earth in their everyday lives and surroundings.”

Historically, Medcom invested in employee development through several diverse institutions. We have a long-standing working relationship with the Dale Carnegie organization to promote specific work-related job skills such as public speaking, human relations, sales training and customer service training. In addition, we internally created a rigorous employee development program entitled daiis with five modules that focuses on Financial Fitness,

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Decision-Making and Ethics. We embrace Earth Charter principles and a partnership with Earth Charter International to help expand our commitment to internal human development within the Medcom organization and to bring these principles to other stakeholders in our community.

What are we doing about it?

Here is a snapshot of what we are doing to move forward with our commitment to sustainability.

Since our Partnership was consummated with Earth Charter International (ECI) in late 2019, several Medcom Benefit Solutions’ employees have completed ECI courses and Earth Charter inspired courses in the following areas:

  1. Leadership, Sustainability & Ethics
  2. Business for Leadership & Sustainability
  3. System Thinking- Part1 (Introduction to Systems Thinking)
  4. Systems Thinking-Part2 (Systems Leadership, the Earth Charter, and the Sustainable Development Goals)
  5. Democracy and Diversity* (facilitated by Earth Charter Champion, Jana Burke)

Our organization benefitted from each of these courses and gained a deeper appreciation for the value of expanding the participation in the courses among all other associates.

To further embody the Earth Charter principles not only within our organization, but also within our larger community, Medcom operates voluntary, employee-led internal committees who work continually to demonstrate our commitment to Earth Charter principles. The Chairs of each voluntary committee participate on a combined “Board” to encourage cross-pollination of ideas and resources among committees.

Medcom Outreach focuses on giving back to the community through volunteerism and education. Our team members work directly with local schools to provide education on financial literacy and government. We also donate our time and effort to provide food and provisions for the less fortunate or families in need during financially draining times of year such as the holidays.

Our Cultivate program focuses on internal and community-based projects and programs. Cultivate organizes community clean-ups, develops the company-wide “Green Plan,” and plans and facilitates training on sustainability efforts and initiatives.

Medcom is utilizing the Earth Charter principles and our partnership with Earth Charter International to increase employee awareness, involvement in supporting our extended community and encourage a more well-rounded workplace through continued life-long learning and human development. We contribute to the lives of our employees and other stakeholders in many communities with energy, imagination, and commitment. We plan to continue to contribute to local citizens and businesses with the tools to create and be a part of a cohesive, sustainable, empathetic, and forward-thinking place to live. Medcom Benefit Solutions is partnering with Earth Charter International with our future in mind.

Michael J. Bracken is the CEO at Medcom Benefits Solutions. Michael is a big supporter of Earth Charter International. He is an ECI Board Member since 2020.