Yeny Rocio Quispe Ayquipa

My name is Yeny Rocio Quispe Ayquipa. I was born in the department of Apurímac, Peru. In 2015, I was the recipient of a scholarship granted by the government of my country to conclude my university studies of the career of environmental engineering with a major in sustainability and social responsibility at the San Ignacio de Loyola University, which is why I had to go live to Lima just finished school. Since 2016, I have been involved in different voluntary activities with a social focus and aimed at fulfilling the SDGs. I was an environmental promoter in the Peruvian environment ministry, co-founder and active member of the Sustainable Club USIL and also an environmental activist in the Citizen Movement Against Climate Change (MOCICC). At present I am directing my actions to know and learn more about the 2030 Agenda and the Earth Charter, being part of the LSE course has helped me understand that each action adds up, that there are one and a thousand ways to generate positive changes for society and the planet, and that we are all invited to be part of the change we want to see in our community. Today more than ever, I want to be that spark that inspires more young people to fight for a just, fruitful and sustainable world.