Costa Rica, Venezuela

Andrea Sécola

Andrea is a migrant woman who was born in Venezuela and grew up in Costa Rica. She is also an International Relations graduate from the National University of Costa Rica, with a special interest in Human and Environmental Rights. Her graduation project was focused on training for decision making for local governments on city and gender issues. She has previous work experience in sustainable tourism and currently works for the University of Peace as a project assistant and environmental educator for the humanitarian aid project of the organization. Also, she is the co-founder of an NGO called Proyecto Integra, focused on immigrant integration and education in Costa Rica, thanks to that she has worked with several low-income communities in the country trying to spark the light of the importance of education in young people. 

Her plans after taking the LSE course with Earth Charter International is to become a Young Leader and continue learning about environmental education and spread the word of everything that the Earth Charter implies and its relevance in such troubled times that are a consequence and impact of global warming.