Jose Luis Olmedo Ruiz Diaz

My name is Jose Luis Olmedo Ruiz Diaz, I was born and raised in Paraguay. 

I graduated from the Juan H Pettengill Technical College with a technical bachelor’s degree in computer science. During my last year I was elected as president of the student center, and after that as a student representative at the district level leading various activities such as protests against the mismanagement of the minister of that epoch (2016). I am currently studying two careers (Education Sciences and Law). 

I have always liked the world of social activism very much, which led me to be a founding member of a local organization that works until now but for personal reasons I could no longer activate. 

Currently I dedicate myself 24/7 to volunteering, which by the way leaves a time for greater force, but since 2019 I started again with everything, with an environmental organization where I could also understand my passion for nature. Let’s Reforest Paraguay is a non-profit NGO that is dedicated to reforesting recreational spaces, among others, within the entire national territory. 

This year I was able to join the volunteer (Transition Program to Digital Education) of the Ministry of Education of my country where I am collaborating as a planner and reviewer of educational content in view of the health crisis. 

This year I was also able to join the World Network of Young Politicians Py, where I was appointed the coordination of sustainable development of my state. In my capacity as coordinator I am planning several workshops focused on the totally virtual SDGs. 

I am a member of the network of promoters of the SDGs where I am managing some activities and expanding my knowledge about the SDGs.