Phil Eke-okocha

Phil Eke-okocha is from Nigeria but currently based in Italy. He has a master’s degree in conflict management and Humanitarian Action from the University of Siena, Italy. A responsible consumption and Peace advocate, his background combines communication and economic development. He currently works as the Project officer, Content, and Fellow Engagement for the UN-SDSN Youth (Local Pathways Fellowship). He is also a research fellow at Rondine Cittadella Della pace, where he works with young people from conflict and post-conflict countries to bring about ways of sustainable conflict transformation. In this role, he also mentors and onboards the junior fellows while also connecting with different stakeholders. 

Phil has been involved in various projects to raise awareness and promote understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals, peace, global citizenship, and engaging youth in volunteering and community development projects. He is also a researcher and an urban planner passionate about environmental pollution and urban planning issues. He seeks an integrated solution to help and protect informal waste pickers in a sustainable manner.