Khadeejah bint Malik H.

Khadeejah bint Malik H. was born in Dubai, U.A.E. to a Jordanian father and a Filipino mother.  She is doing homeschooling guided by her parents. She has a strong passion for arts, education, culture, sustainable development, and recycling. She enjoys reading, writing, drawing, calligraphy, gardening, and poetry.

In 2005, her father Prof. Malik bin Mohammed delivered a lecture “Education: the means towards global security and peace” in Dubai Knowledge Village for the Earth Charter and Soka Gakkai International when she was three years old. As early as three years old, she participated in workshops and events and started to memorise the holy Qur’an. 

Her father Prof. Malik bin Mohammed founded “Share Centre for Cultural Understanding and Arts” (2008-2011) in Dubai. Offering different courses and services, it was considered a community college while promoting Earth Charter principles, peace, education, cultural understanding, and save earth issues.

In 2017, she delivered her poem “Heart of Tolerance” in an annual event “The Poetic Heart” by Soka Gakkai International. In 2018, she conducted her first workshop titled “Success of Leadership in Sustainability” for 25 girls from 14 different nationalities held at Canadian University Dubai.

She currently resides in Manila, Philippines, where she seeks to continue her education and look for ways to promote the Earth Charter and sustainable development in her community and globally.