Melissa Laura Reyes Villanes

Linguistics student at the Federico Villareal National University

Lima, Peru

Young Parliamentarian Lima Region 2023-Congress of the Republic

Youth representative in axis 8, culture and identities of the Metropolitan Youth Strategy.

Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (RMJP)2021

Participant of the Crea para Lima Program – Municipality of Lima -2021

Volunteer of the CMPJ Lima 2021 Young Observatory (1 Stage)

Scholarship Participant of the course “Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics” from the Earth Charter Education Center (2023)

Selected participant from the Macro Lima and Callao Youth Activism laboratory and Oxfam (2023)

Participant of the Political Boot Camp -Fundación Friedich Nauman Paises Andinos y Libre Razon (2021)

Selected participant – Social and political management in times of crisis – Flacso Argentina, Atenea, UN Women and International Idea (2021)

Fellow of the Como Cambiamos Lima-Propuesta Pais Program, Friedrich Naumman Foundation and PUCP School of Government (2022)

Director of the Southern Zone-World Network of Young Politicians Lima (2020-2022)

Coordinator of the South Zone-Lima Youth Organization of Political Specialists

Participant of the Let’s Be School Program: Let’s be building and deconstructing narratives (2023) -Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation

Leader of the Heritage Defenders program in the youth organization of Political Specialists Peru-Ministry of Culture (2023)

Co-author of the Log: “How to narrate ourselves”, selected participant in the Creative Writing Workshop for the Lima International Book Fair 2020 and Peru Bicentennial Project-Bicentennial Library – Ministry of Culture of Peru – June of 2021