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Mapting Photo Contest Winners for International Biodiversity Day!

Congratulations to our three winners who participated in our Mapting photo competition for International Biodiversity Day held from 12- 22 May. With so many great images, it was difficult to narrow down our top 3 favorites. We were looking for captivating images with engaging titles as well as those who used the hashtag #BiodivirsityDay.

Our winners listed below will receive a solar lamp kit from LEDSafari, which will train them on how to build their own solar lamp. Thank you to all who participated in the competition!




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Earth Charter activities in Mexico

The following are initiatives carried out by the Earth Charter Network in Mexico between April and May.

Oaxaca Carta de la TierraOaxaca:

On April 15, 2017, the 63rd Legislature of the State of Oaxaca approved the signing of the Earth Charter Endorsement.

In a public statement, the Legislator Paola Gutiérrez Galindo, President of the Permanent Commission on Ecology, explained the meaning of this endorsement, among others she said:

“A few days ago, I presented to the plenary of the LXIII Legislature of the State of Oaxaca the proposal to ENDORSE THE EARTH CHARTER, which was approved in a regular session on April 15. With this initiates a process of promotion and commitment to the principles and values of sustainable development, under the premise that the changes that we want to see happening should be promoted by the citizens.

This is why I invite all sectors of the population, especially my fellow Legislators to accompany me in the promotion of a more just, sustainable and peaceful Oaxacan society. ”

The endorsement will be signed in June 2017.

Aval Aguascalientes Carta de la TierraAguascalientes:

On May 4, 2017, several civil society organizations based in Aguascalientes, Mexico, endorsed the Earth Charter and pledged to assume with responsibility and constancy its principles. They also pledged to use this document as a guide and ethical framework for decision-making processes, in education programmes and as an inspirational reference in our quest towards a global society that is environmentally friendly, fair, sustainable and peaceful.

These are the organizations that endorsed the Earth Charter, and their representatives:

  • Instituto Mexicano de Estudios Pedagogicos y Posgrado, A.C. (IMEPP AC) firma  Gina Mireya Ventura Ramírez.}
  • Ecosistemica, A.C. firma  María Eugenia González Díaz
  • Equidad y Medio Ambiente. A. C. firma  Gerardo Tenorio López.
  • Colonia de Castores 10 Kaban Aguascalientes. firma Arturo Abraham Guerrero Quintero.
  • Aguas con la Bici A.C. Ma. de los Ángeles Patricia Castañeda Elias.
  • Natura Mundi A.C. firma Claudia R. Ramírez Rendón.
  • Conciencia Ecologica de Aguascalientes, A.C. firma Cristóbal Humberto Tenorio Izazaga.
  • Mujeres Pedaleando, A.C. firma María Teresa Campos Méndez.
  • Guardias Ambientales de Aguascalientes, A.C. firma Luis Cesar Flores Miranda.
  • Movimiento Ambiental de Aguascalientes, A.C. firma Guadalupe Castorena Hernández.

That same day, in the morning, the School “Comunidad Educativa La Tierra” also endorsed the Earth Charter in a ceremony where Mateo Castillo Ceja, Coordinator of the Earth Charter Mexican Network and a member of the EC International Council, offered a conference called: Educating for Life with the Earth Charter.

Later on, Mateo Castillo also offered another conference to students of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.

Find in this link a news article published in one of the local newspapers, about these endorsements and activities organized around the Earth Charter in Aguascalientes.

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Reflections from our Online Course: Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics

As we close our 5th week of the second online course in Spanish, Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics, we have had much enthusiasm, energy and student cooperation. This course began on April 3 and will end on June 12 with the participation of young leaders from all over Latin America facilitated by Earth Charter Young Leaders, Julián Arias Varela and Karen Proa, and Youth Projects Coordinator, Christine

The international course is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to expand their capacity as leaders in sustainability and leadership. As participants complete the sections through an online platform, they learn important information about Sustainability, Ethics, Facilitation, and the Earth Charter. The course is also given in English with the next beginning on June 19 and the deadline to apply on May 17. The next course in Spanish will begin on September 11 with registration one month before. At the end of the 10 weeks, participants are invited to become an Earth Charter Young Leader for a year in the Earth Charter Youth Network. Young leaders connect, motivate and engage with their contemporaries to join the Earth Charter movement and build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Personal reflections of our current participants:

“This is the opportunity to start with the change that we are always looking for but haven’t found. The learning space is incredible, I am committed and I will make a double effort for those who do not.”

-José Ignacio Fernández Víquez, Costa Rica

“Being part of a global movement of young leaders who dream of a more humane, more free and conscious world, gives me strength to continue fighting, but above all hope that the good do not keep quite nor gain indifference.”

-Pamela Zúñiga López, Costa Rica

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How can a Government use the Earth Charter? news from Mexico

Congreso Michoacan Adopta Carta TierraHow can a Government use the Earth Charter?

In Mexico, interesting efforts are being led by civil society, in this case by the Mexican Earth Charter Network, coordinated by Mateo Castillo, that has promoted that the Chamber of Senators, Federal Legislators, and Congresses of several States (Durango, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, and Tlaxcala), sign agreements where they adopt and commit to the principles and values of the Earth Charter as an ethical framework for sustainable development.

The text of the Agreement adopted by the Congress of the State of Michoacán can be found in this link.

In addition to adopting the principles of the Earth Charter as an ethical framework, the Agreement also calls upon “the holders of the Executive Power, the Judicial Branch of the State, and the constitutionally autonomous organs of the State to consider the Earth Charter as an instrument guiding decisions to be more aligned with sustainability as well as promoting its content. ”

This is an example of how the Earth Charter, in the legislative sphere, can fulfill the important function of influencing the legislative policies of a country and of a State, to act in accordance with its a set of global ethical principles, but also, as an instrument that can assist in the fulfillment of international human rights standards. The legislative congresses of several states in Mexico see the Earth Charter as an instrument that will strengthen their legislative work, such is the case of the Chamber of Senators and Federal Legislators, and the Congresses of Durango, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, and Tlaxcala.


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Companies endorse the Earth Charter in Sinaloa, Mexico

avales sinaloa mexico firmaThirteen companies located in Sinaloa, Mexico, endorsed the Earth Charter in a ceremony held on Saturday, October 1st, at the Royal Villas Hotel.

The activity was organized by the Environmental Educators Network of Sinaloa, in specific Carolina Ceballos, in collaboration with the Earth Charter focal point in Sinaloa, Julio Morales, and was moderated by Mateo Alfredo Castillo Ceja,  member of the Earth Charter International Council.   Jesús Enrique Camacho Inzunza, Sub-secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Gregorio Herrera Corrales, Director and Choreographer of the Cozatl Ballet, and Jorge Abel López Sánchez, delegate of SEMARNAT in Sinaloa also participated as witnesses of honor.

We thank and congratulate the endorsing companies, which through this agreement committed to use the Earth Charter as a guide for their decision-making processes.

  • Industrias Marino S.A. de C.V.
  • Hotel Don Pelayo Pacific Beach
  • Hotel Royal Villas
  • Universidad Politécnica de Sinaloa
  • Café El Marino S.A. de C.V.
  • Álamo &TRADE MX SAPI de C.V.
  • UPC Corporate
  • Grupo Arhe
  • Maz Industrial S.A. de C.V.
  • PINSA S.A. de C.V.
  • PINSA Congelados S.A. de C.V.
  • Crédito y Logística de Capital SOFOMENR
  • Pesca Azteca S.A. de C.V.


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Sofía Camacho´s first-hand account on the Ship for World Youth Leaders

sofia-camachoDuring the months of January and February 2016, more than 240 young people from 12 countries sailed to Japan, India, and Sri Lanka on board the Nippon Maru; the Ship for World Youth Leaders (SWYL) convened by the Government of Japan, aims to foster social and environmental projects and contribute to the creation of a culture of cooperation among countries.

During the program the Ship for World Youth Leadership (SWYL) Sofia Camacho participated as a representative of the Earth Charter and as a spokeswoman for the post 2015 Agenda. One of the 11 Mexican delegates, she was selected from among 1,300 candidates by the Embassy of Japan in Mexico, the Mexican Institute of Youth (IMJUVE) and the SWYL Alumni Association in Mexico. During the seminar she led, she integrated the Mexican culture and success stories of conservation in Mexico thanks to strategic alliances with Earth Charter International, Center of Information of the United Nations Mexico (CINU), the National Ministry for Knowledge and Use Biodiversity (CONABIO), Vice Mexico, as well as organizations among which are Reforestamos Mexico and the Huerto Roma Verde.


Below, please find Sofia´s first-hand account of her experience on the Ship…

Personal letter to the ocean and earth

Environmental testimony of the Ship for Worlds Youth Leaders

For over a month I gave myself to ocean life. Aboard a ship full of magical encounters and voices, I saw flying fish, dolphins, fishing birds and pirate ships. I filled my lungs with calm and felt in my stomach the sudden swing of the storm. The continuous breeze settled the question in my mind: everything depends on the ocean. After all, it occupies most of the planet and every living creature depends on water.

The Ship for World Youth Leadership (SWYL) program of the Government of Japan, is a celebration of the central role that the ocean plays in our biological, social and economic life. More than 80% of the volume of world trade -and with it, the social interaction and cultural exchange- is by sea. It makes sense that such a unique initiative in the world, comes from an island nation: a society which has intermittently opened and closed to the world, opening and closing its shores to people and products. SWYL is a program designed and executed with Japanese precision for young people from 12 countries, leaders of social and environmental movements worldwide. “The Ship” as we now call it, is a life-changing experience that the 240 participants will cherish for life.


Echoing the Earth Charter

Just a few hours after we landed in Tokyo we met Wakako Hironaka, member of the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE), Director of the Environment Agency of Japan, and Earth Charter Commissioner. Our curiosity was mutual: she looked at us with eyes full of history and hope; we were fascinated about everything that her country had to offer. “Inspire them” was the message she gave us, when she learned that we would offer a seminar to present the Earth Charter as a global movement and an instrument that could guide our projects towards a more sustainable and peaceful world.


In the format of a Participant Youth Seminar, I led the presentation of the Earth Charter and its relevance in each of our countries. We echoed the training we received in our preparation process in Monterrey, Mexico; just as Amorita Westphal had invited us to feel the earth with our bare feet, we invited the 40 participants to be aware of the movement of the ocean. We shared with one another experiences of turtle conservation in Sri Lanka, whale watching in Australia, as well as building kayaks out of PET bottles in New Zealand. We realized all the forms of collaboration we have with our projects and initiatives.

The world ocean


In general, we all came home with the conviction that it is our generation that must act immediately. Personally, I understood that the conviction must be transformed into action without border constraints –just like the ocean. The environmental problems we face today require articulated actions and individuals connected in all nations. It is important that biodiversity and cultural diversity remain, and that they are recognized to provide solutions and alternatives of life for all.

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Local governments in Mexico endorse the Earth Charter

Firma Aval Tuxtla Gutiérrez (5)Between May and July 2016, the Municipal Government of Tuxtla Gutiérrez and the Michoacán State Government endorsed the Earth Charter.

In the Municipal Government of Tuxtla Gutiérrez they have considered that the Earth Charter will guide the operation approaches of the administration towards building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society. Also, it will support actions to develop and strengthen a comprehensive and inclusive approach; and above all be consistent with the four pillars of this document. Many projects will be linked with this statement and others will emerge from this perspective and commitment.

Firma Aval Tuxtla Gutiérrez (1)The signing of the endorsement was made with the Municipal Government of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, through the efforts of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Mobility of the Municipality. The ceremony was held on May 7th, in the framework of the World Recycling Day, with the presence of the Mayor, Mr. Fernando Castellanos Cal y Mayor, Municipal President, and the Earth Charter Focal Point in Chiapas – Fabián Eder Morales Medina; the witnesses of honor were Mr. Felipe de Jesús Granda Pastrana, Governor. Participating also were different organizations of civil society, citizens, representatives of state environmental sector and the council of the Municipal Government.

Firma Aval Tuxtla Gutiérrez (6)The average attendance was of 100 people, and six Civil Society Organizations focused on promoting Environmental Management. In the event the commitment of the Municipal Government was announced, in being participants in the promotion of the 4 pillars of the Earth Charter, and ethics for sustainability, through the Ministry of Environment and Urban Mobility, and the Integral Center for Family Development, which stated:

“We must exalt the ideals and principles of sustainability, such as intergenerational equity, gender equality, tolerance, poverty reduction, and environmental rehabilitation, conservation of natural resources, and promote a just and peaceful society, as well as cultural and religious plurality and changes in patterns of production and consumption “.

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Mexican Conference on ESD and Endorsement of the Earth Charter

Patzcuaro-teachers-sustainable-developmentOn April 15th, 2016 the Technological Institute of Patzcuaro, Mexico, endorsed the Earth Charter and organized, in the framework of this endorsement, the Conference on Education for Sustainable Development. This conference is a response to the Mexican government’s commitment to the Global Action Program on ESD from UNESCO. Three hundred educators of higher education and secondary education attended the conference, along with government authorities from the Ministry of Environment, Education and the local government.

Patzcuaro endorsement education sustainable developmentThere were several meaningful discussions at the conference about how universities can create educational programs that promote a more just, peaceful and sustainable society.

In addition, the Pedagogical University of Veracruz also endorsed the Earth Charter. In the text of the endorsement document, the University expresses its commitment in the following terms:

Patzcuaro endorsement earth charter mexico“We pledge to use the Earth Charter as a guide and ethical framework for decision-making, in the development of plans and policies, and as an educational tool for sustainable development of the state, under the vision and goals of the document that seeks a just, sustainable, and more peaceful world”.

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PetStar México, endorses the Earth Charter and Completes Training Program

PetStar-logo-carta-tierraPetStar México, the largest PET food grade recycling plant in the world, signed a document indicating that they endorse the Earth Charter. This endorsement is the result of encouragement from the Ministry of Environment and the Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the network of representatives from the Earth Charter.(See more information in Boletín PetStar Diciembre 2014–available only in Spanish.)

In 2003 PetStar was named the world’s largest PET food grade recycling plant (PCI PET Packaging Resin and Recycling, Ltd.), with the capacity to recycle 3,100 million bottles a year into 50,000 tons of food grade recycled PET. PET is the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, a type of plastic used for making bottles that can be recycled, which reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

PetStar’s endorsement includes the following:

1. To disseminate the Earth Charter among individuals, organizations, suppliers and all stakeholders of the company.
2. To promote the educational use of the Earth Charter in schools, universities, and within a variety of settings and contexts, as well as with visitors to the Museum Auditorium located on the PetStar premises.
3. To promote and support the use and implementation of the Earth Charter, including in the areas of civil society, academia, the business sector, and governments.

PetStar-reconocimiento-carta-tierraTo further their commitment to their endorsement, PetStar executives requested that the Earth Charter Secretariat provide custom training to their employees, which was provided by ECI board member, Mateo Castillo Ceja. The feedback received from this training exercise was very positive, especially from Monica Salinas, the communications manager, who observed that the employees seemed highly motivated by what they learned and experienced.

PetStar-capacitacion-carta-de-la-tierraThe training took place at PetStar’s premises PetStar on April 10-11, 2016. Thirty eight staff members participants, including directors and managers from various plants as well as a few guests from other companies.

As a result of this endorsement and training, the Earth Charter is now incorporated into the philosophical framework of the values used by this company in various aspects of management and decisionmaking. As part of their ongoing commitment to their endorsement, , in 2016 PetStar plans to introduce the Earth Charter to at least 50% of the visitors to the company’s Museum Auditorium and to 100% of its employees.

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Earth Charter Seminar on the Sea with Global Youth Leaders


The Mexican Delegation for the 28th Ship for World Youth Leaders Program organized an Earth Charter seminar for their international peers.

“It was… a space to see how small we are and yet, how big our impact can be to each member of the community of life.”-Workshop Organizers

The Ship for World Youth Leaders is a 45-day programme organized and sponsored by the government of Japan which brings together 120 Japanese and 120 international emerging young leaders to sail around Asia, building collaboration between nations and offering professional development and training to participants. The Mexican delegation, composed of 12 highly motivated, active, and capable young people selected from hundreds of applicants, decided that their contribution would be to bring the Earth Charter to their international peers.

In order to do so, the group of 12 delegates participated in an intensive training to become Earth Charter advocates, acquiring the skills and knowledge they would need to effectively impart the Earth Charter to others through workshops. Consulting with the Earth Charter Network in Mexico and Earth Charter International, they then designed a specially tailored workshop for the SWYL. After months of preparation, in January, they set sail.

seminar-icebreakerThe objective of the Seminar was to promote the knowledge and use of the Earth Charter as an ethical framework for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century, to inspire in the participants a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole human family, the greater community of life, and future generations, as well as to share a success case from Mexico.

The Mexican Delegates took turns guiding different activities in the participatory, interactive, workshop. They incorporated movement, teambuilding, songs and storytelling, mindfulness, and reflection and covered content including the Earth Charter, carbon footprints, and the Sustainable Development Goals. From the perspective of the organizers:

EC workshop on Ship for World Youth LeadersIt’d be difficult to describe all what this experience delivered to us as organizers, but it can be summarized in the fact that we were able to share something that has changed our lives with amazing people changing their own lives in a unique experience such as the SWY Program. The different moments of the Seminar gave us the chance to learn from the points of view of the participants and to think in a different way about universal concepts that usually we think can’t be seen in a different way.”

The Mexican delegates hope to work with the organizers of the SWYL to integrate the Earth Charter workshop into the core, annual programming, so that all future participants of the SWYL will come to know the Earth Charter as a tool and guide for our academic, professional, and personal lives.


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