Costa Rica

Valeria Medrano Álvarez

Valeria Medrano Álvarez is a chemist by training and an agent in actions of social and environmental change by conviction.  

There are two countries that have marked the way I see the world and lead my life; Bolivia, where I was born at almost 3,625 meters above sea level and Costa Rica, where I grew up very close to sea level. 

I am a person who seeks to work for the common good and care for the community of life, which has led me to work in informal settlements around the country with the organization TECHO Costa Rica, with the aim of seeking comprehensive solutions to the problems of poverty with the help of the inhabitants of the communities and volunteers. 

I am currently part of the Sustainable Belén Association where I have participated in the creation and facilitation of eco-spirituality and climate change workshops for communities. I also participate in the Climate Policy Advocacy Committee, made up of various environmental organizations in the country, which seeks to create spaces for citizen participation for oversight and impact on the country’s climate agenda. Through this committee, we presented the first legal action on climate change in Costa Rica, which reaffirmed the importance of transparency and access to information on these issues. 

 I am an Earth Charter Young Leader and Educator, a graduate of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s 2022 Change Agents program and am currently studying the Empathy Activist Program focused on Non-Violent Communication of the Conversable Foundation. 

I have a dream of building an organization that works in communities around the country creating projects to transform the way we inhabit the planet and relate to nature and ourselves, with a focus on deep ecology, human rights and economic justice.