Victor Matthew Ayegba

Victor Matthew Ayegba is a Nigerian teacher, climate change activist, and storyteller. Victor has been an Earth Charter Young Leader since 2021 and an Earth Charter educator since 2023, showcasing his commitment to sustainable, ethical education.

Over the past decade, Victor has dedicated himself to educating young minds in the northern regions of Nigeria, in Kano and Kaduna. His impactful efforts extend through various activities under his project, Vikipedia, which aims to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues.

Victor’s dedication to continuous improvement is evident in his active involvement and pursuit of knowledge. Aspiring to play a pivotal role in environmental education within his country and the broader African community, Victor underwent training as a climate reality leader by former US Vice President Al Gore through his membership with GreenFaith International. He is also recognized as a distinguished NAAEE 30 under 30 Class of 2023 member, associated with the North American Association for Environmental Education. Further expanding his knowledge, Victor is a GAIA 20:30 Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) member. 

He is currently part of the World Bank’s Youth 2024 cohort on the Solution for Youth Employment (S4YE), showcasing his commitment to addressing critical global challenges.

Victor’s Earth Storytelling Club activity was awarded by the Teachers for the Planet program of the Learning Planet Institute as one of 100 outstanding teacher-led solutions. His multifaceted engagement underscores his remarkable contributions to environmental education and advocacy.

“Mu canza duniya ta hanyar ilimi” in Hausa means “Let’s change the world through education”.