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Recycling and Solidarity Campaign in Peru #ChapaTuAyuda

Chapa tu ayuda Peru 3Rockea is an organization that aim at empowering youth in Peru since 2011. In 2018, in addition to joining the Earth Charter Global Network as an affiliated organization, they launched the #ChapaTuAyuda project, which aims to generate training opportunities in Solidarity, Recycling and Leadership.

#ChapaTuAyuda is a project based on recycling of plastic caps. The Higher Education Institute Cibertec us supporting this project, supporting students involvement in this volunteer program, and offering their facilities for training activities about #ChapaTuAyuda, Earth Charter and Rockea ©.

#ChapaTuAyuda is Solidarity. We continue working with patients affected by Butterfly Skin or Epidermolysis Bullosa disease, at the National Institute of Child Health, an institution that has been working on the subject for the last 23 years.

#ChapaTuAyuda is Leadership. Aware that many of our current problems are the product of the lack of training in community leadership, as well as the lack of tools for solving problems, we are working to start a cycle of training focused on community leaders in August 2019.

#ChapaTuAyuda is Education. We work with education institutions promoting awareness about waste management, to make people think in practical terms about how to minimize their impact on the ecosystem and how everything is related.

#ChapaTuAyuda campaign asks people to collect plastic caps with the purpose of recycling them and in turn, use them to help others, becoming a powerful tool for social transformation.

If you want to know more about #ChapaTuHelp communicate with:
Rodolfo Ponce De León


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Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics Youth Course Ends! Find out dates for Courses in 2018!

Our third online youth course this year on Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics has ended with much energy and high participation!

This training programme is designed for young people, 18-35 years old, who aim to develop and expand their capacity as leaders in the creation of more just, sustainable, and peaceful societies. In  a way it contributes to the UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESD and with SDG 4.7

The programme invites participants to engage through an online platform, social media, and local actions to amplify their knowledge and skills in the critical areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Ecoliteracy
  • System Thinking
  • Ethics
  • Facilitation
  • The Earth Charter

This past English course started on 19 June and for 10 weeks participants engaged in the course content from their hometowns through the platform and their facebook group. During this course we had participants from Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, India, Spain, US, UK, and the Netherlands. Just a few of the many workshops implemented to finish the program included; Sustainability Indicators in Banking in Nigeria, How to Apply Systems Thinking in our Day-to-Day lives, and Children and Sustainability in Cameroon.

Our final course for the year started on September 11- November 20 and will be facilitated in Spanish. The programme calls all youth leaders who speak Spanish to train themselves on becoming sustainability leaders in their communities and to strengthen their capacities in sustainability leadership. In this final training program for 2017 we have participants from Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and Paraguay sharing their rich leadership experiences in each of their countries.

To apply for the next Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics course in English starting on January 15, 2018 please visit:

Deadline to apply is January 2, 2018.

For more information on the next course watch our video:

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Learning International Institute in Peru is working with the Earth Charter

IIACOS – Learning International Learning Institute  for Social Cohesion in Lima, Peru, an organization concerned with the condition of our planet, the present challenges and crisis that we face, and the possible consequences of not acting, has decided to work with the Earth Charter in six secondary schools in the rural district of Aucallama, in the province of Huaral, Lima. The program has been divided into phases and the second phase just started in August. Their hope is to create a Center of Excellence for Agricultural Development by 2012, based on the systemic vision of sustainability.

At present, the organization has 25 tutors and 5 facilitators as trainers for the second phase. They started training the youngsters last July 23 and 24 and are continuing to do so every month until December, when more than 400 students will receive the certification of “Social Cohesion and Earth Charter Animators”.

Their training program includes the development of six areas of content; one of them is the Social Action Contents, strongly linked with the service to the Community. This area of content will sensitize the tutors, youngsters, and all the people that will receive the training in the future. 

Their idea is to include the Earth Charter document as official content in their curriculum and implement it as an innovative educational model in 2012. The main focus of the curriculum would be the preservation of the planet and its nature.

You can see the official presentation document of the Second Phase, in Spanish here.

Click here to see the preliminary curriculum (in Spanish) to be developed during the second phase.

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Life Alert… new music album inspired by the Earth Charter

ECI Secretariat and composer Enrique Rodriguez-Pastor are pleased to present Life Alert, a new music album inspired by the Earth Charter. This collaborative project, which has been developed over the past year and a half, was created to provide a useful resource to educators of primary schools who are interested in working with values and principles of sustainability in the classroom.

Language teachers of English and Spanish can also make good use of this resource. Playful and full of youthful energy, this album is geared toward children ages 5 – 12, yet it can be enjoyed by all ages. Founded on optimism, the songs (which vary from punk rock and hip hop to reggae and experimental) strike a unique balance between seriousness and silliness.

Enrique Rodriguez-Pastor (aka Quique), the composer and musician, is an educator who was raised in both Peru and the United States. Faced with the challenge of finding himself in the midst of two distinct cultures while growing up, Quique learned what it means to embrace different cultural traditions as well as to find our common values. Along the way he also discovered one of humanity’s universal vehicles for human expression – music. Two years ago, Quique stumbled upon something new altogether, something that affirmed his values in an inspiring way – the Earth Charter. Life Alert is the outcome of that inspiring encounter.

And he felt quite happy on the day of the album’s completion…

As an artist and educator, Quique created these songs with teachers in mind, as they often need materials that will help them get the attention of children and teenagers in order for them to learn about sustainable lifestyles.

Find Life Alert songs and lyrics here.

This resource is offered as a gift especially to educators who are interested in teaching about sustainability using the Earth Charter principles.  It can also be used by anyone else free of charge!



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New EC Course at the University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya in Peru

The Jesuit university or Peru, Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University, will deliver an Earth Charter Course within the university extension courses.  “Earth Charter: Current Global Situation and the New Paradigms. Exchange of Experiences for a Balanced World ” will be offered from June 8th to July 20th, 2010 and it is addressed for general public and students.  

Please find here the flyer from the university, the flyer from Carta de la Tierra Peru and the university website.  
This is part of the promotional efforts of our Affiliate: Earth Charter Peru.   Visit their Facebook page here.

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Earth Charter Youth Group from Peru organized an event on the International Earth Day

On Sunday 25th of April was the International Earth Day. To celebrate it and the Earth Charter’s 10th anniversary, an Earth Charter Youth Group Peruvian Association of Scout Movement organized an event of free entry from 10 am to 4 pm at la cruce Av. La Marina con Universitaria. Among other things, there was an Ecological Minifair where different organizations that work on the areas of ecology, climate change, conservation, etc, were introduced. On the Mural for Expressions all kinds of ideas, worries and thoughts about the sustainable development, climate change and contamination were expressed. Furthermore, Artistic and Cultural Manifest offered an opportunity to enjoy and learn about the sustainable development and the dimensions of the climate change.

More pictures

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SGI-Perú, UNMSM and Earth Charter Peru organized a one week event to celebrate Earth Day

Soka Gakkai International of Peru (SGI-Peru) jointly with the National Major University of San Marcos(UNMSM) and the support of Earth Charter Peru, opened a week of Earth Day commemorative events.

The event was inaugurated on April 22 at 6pm at SGI headquarters in Peru by the Rector of the UNMSM, doctor Luis Izquierdo Vásquez.  Doctor Fernando Quevedo Ganoza, main professor of the UNMSM, delivered a keynote speech titled “Earth Day”.  He actively participated in the Rio Summit in 1992 at the Secretariat preparing some important documents.

There was an open dialogue with students within the conceptual framework of the fact that the solution of the Earth’s crisis “Starts with One”.  After this, the video “A Quiet Revolution” was shown. This video was produced by the Earth Council specially for the Sustainable Development World Summit.  It is about the actions that some world citizens carry out in the use of natural resources.  Inspirational examples of these proactive actions are shown in the film.   SGI, in agreement with the objectives of this film, collaborated in its production.

They also had the opening of the “Seeds of change: The Earth Charter and human potential” exhibition so that people, national authorities, professors and students and general public could enjoy and awaken the individual interest for the environmental problems and understand that they should be a personal concern.  Also realize that the Earth Charter and our own will are the tools that are in our power to take action.

Students from SGI Peru, voluntarily concentrated in a group called SEADS, carried out educational workshops about “Let’s take care of our biodiversity”, “Water care” and “Recycling”, among others.

Students and general public attended the event from 9am to 8 pm and it was completely free.  More than 2,700 people attended the exhibition and the workshops in the days of the event.

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Disseminating the Earth Charter in Lima, Peru

The organization Asociación Civil Provalores, who works in San Juan de Lurigancho, a district of Lima, Peru, has decisively committed to promote the Earth Charter.

They have done an open call to different grassroots organizations, organized communities, private and public schools and various institutions, to join a group called:  Social Network for Values, Volunteerism, and Diffusion of Culture and Environmental Responsibility, using the Earth Charter as main guide.  To this moment, 40 social groups have joined this network, by the end of the year they envision having 100 groups.

On 24 April they will be officially launching this social network, at a local private high school in San Juan de Lurigancho.  This launch will be the first step of the dissemination of the Earth Charter in this district. 

More information on this event and this new social network can be found here (only in Spanish).

About the organizers, the Asociación Civil Provalores have been motivating and facilitating several events with the Earth Charter, like the Ecological Values Caravan.

The Earth Charter International Secretariat wishes the best to this new social network, hoping that you are able to move many hearts that work towards more sustainable, just and peaceful societies.

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Special Projects Fund Activity Reports

In October 2008 Earth Charter International called for applications for our Special Projects Fund, generously funded by Plan Netherlands. The Vision for the Fund is that Earth Charter Youth Groups organize events that engage youth and promote dialogue and action for a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

We received 16 high quality project proposals from Earth Charter Youth Groups all around the world and after a careful selection, decided to fund the following 6 youth groups:

Congo – ECYG AZUR Development

Togo – Togolese Foundation for Peace

Belarus – ECYG Youth International Club “NEWLINE”

Peru – Asociacion Peruana de Escultismo

Canada – Cowichan Intercultural Society Youth Projects

Nigeria – ECYG Calabar

Now you can read their activity reports online and leave your comments for the specific projects!

Thank you for the great work done!

Earth Charter Youth Group activity in Togo.

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