Oscar Motomura

oscar-motomura-amana-key-brazilOscar Motomura is the founder and chief executive officer of the Amana-Key Group, a center for excellence in management, a network of associates with global reach, based in São Paulo, Brazil. The purpose of Amana-Key is to serve as a world reference for radical innovation in management that is capable of generating the genuine development of people, organizations, communities, and the greater whole. The Amana-Key Group has adopted the Earth Charter as a reference for its education programmes and innovation retreats. Thousands of leaders from corporations and the government take Amana-Key programmes every year, where their awareness of global issues affecting humanity is expanded along with their understanding of the importance of contributing to our collective evolution, through ethical and conscious management practices. Mr. Motomura started his career in Brazil in a large, multinational financial institution, where he reached a senior management position at the age of 26. He founded his own company at 28, which was the starting point for what is now Amana-Key. Motomura is known in Brazil as one the most creative specialists in the area of strategy. He holds degrees in business administration and social psychology.