Oscar Motomura

The Common Good and Conscious, Ethical Leadership

Oscar Motomura

Oscar Motomura is the founder and CEO of Amana-Key, a specialized firm in management, strategy and leadership based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Amana-Key offers professional development programmes for leaders and managers from the public and private sector. Mr. Motomura has created several initiatives over the past few decades, such as “Strategy for the Country,” “Conscious Voters,” “Youth Project,” “PGE – Entrepreneurial Management Programme,” and other social responsibility and sustainability related programmes. He served as co-chair of the Earth Charter International Council for several years. One of his recent articles is titled Conscious Leadership and the Much-needed Reinvention of the Notion of Market (2020). More information can be found at http://oscarmotomura.com.br

Quick Overview

Confused by the competition culture in his early years, Mr. Motomura drew inspiration from a poem and came to realise that the best entrepreneurs are those who search for the common good. Mr. Motomura considers opposite of common good to be selfishness and individualism, and that these qualities have evolved to be collective egotism nowadays, generating crises. The Earth Charter, in Mr. Motomura’s opinion, defines what the common good is. He stresses the importance to convey the essence of the Earth Charter in participatory dialogues and allow people to adapt the essence to their local contexts rather than focus on the letter (meaning the detailed of words). On leadership, Mr. Motomura talks about being conscious about the reality in which society operates today. Since systemic problems require systemic solutions, leaders are advised to be courageous, to elicit participation of enlightened citizens for the collective creativity, and be “three-fold strategic” in the collective movement towards the common good.

Questions and Topics Addressed in this Podcast

  1. Personal involvement in the Earth Charter movement.
  2. Reflections on how his personal worldview has been expanded by (with) the Earth Charter.
  3. What is deep ecology?
  4. What is the root cause of all crises?
  5. How does the Earth Charter benefit business leaders?
  6. How is the Earth Charter related to the ethics and consciousness of a leader? What is an ethical, responsible and conscious leader like?
  7. What kind of leadership is currently needed? What are the challenges that a leader faces?
  8. What does it take to be a good leader as we enter the third decade of the new millennium?
  9. What is ethical leadership like in the business realm? What is the difference between ethical and unethical leaders?
  10. Lessons learned about how learning takes place, after thirty plus years working on professional development training programmes.